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*a lil triggering in some parts i guess*

Wind whipped around Aurora, her wolf looking all around for any signs of scent or a sound. One of the fascinating about her, was because of her condition she was the only person behind her wolf. Her friends and others all had wolves, that were like a second person in their head. But not for Aurora, when ever she called out to her wolf, silence followed.

The only thing to be seen was long trees draping over the ground. The moonlight supplied only a meager amount of seeing light, and because wolves didn't have night vision, Aurora knew she was screwed.

Maybe if she had stayed behind with the pack, and together looked for him, it would have been better. But Aurora still didn't have full control over her powers, and of course she just had to chase after the rogue.

But there was not time to regret, Aurora was already lost in the middle of the woods, and needed to find Max. Each direction she turned to look at was complete darkness.

She never felt more alone. Aurora padded to her right, her dominant, unsure where she was being led. She knew that looking blind would result in absolutely nothing, and had to stop and use her senses.

So she paused and rested near a tree, her ears pricked, and nose in the air, hoping to catch a whiff of anything. She knew Max always smelled like play dough, but she was too afraid that it wasn't strong enough to track. And she didn't even know the smell of the rogue, so if she did smells something, it might just be a random animal.

Damn, Aurora thought in her head, letting out a low growl. She wasn't in her alpha form, and had to put up with her average weak senses. But attempting to shift into it, would result in loss of control, and no one could afford it.

But she needed to find him.

She had to.

And without another second, she launched throughout the darkness, following the path that her brain told her to follow. For all she knew, she was running in the direction of a cliff, but she needed to trust herself, something she wasn't used to. Aurora's eyes narrowed when a distance sound echoed throughout the forest.

She paused in her tracks and turned towards the sound, her legs galloping at incredible speed. There was a small chance that could be Max, and she had to take it.

Besides Adeline, Max was the only on that kept Aurora sane. Looking a head, a small glimmer of light hid behind the trunks of the trees, flashing in and out. Aurora's eyes were drawn to it, her pupil's dilating, and became entranced at the final presence of light in the pitch black woods.

Every few steps towards it, the light that stretched over the horizon seemed to disappear a few steps back. It seemed to Aurora, that she was grasping at water, yet for some unknown reason she kept on going. She couldn't stop.

In the distance screams echoed throughout the air, but Aurora didn't care. She could barely hear them anyway, the controlling light was all she was focused on. She tried to reach it but never was close enough. 

It felt like an hour and Aurora was still running. So it was a shocker when, the light stopped moving back, and with a few more gallops half of Aurora's coat was covered in golden ethereal light. And in two more steps, she was completely engulfed in the yellow shine.

Aurora greedily looked around to find the source of light, and was disappointed when she spotted a small little lantern in the clearing of trees. Decorative little fairies were carved in the metal holder, and an ornate handle fell over the top. Aurora noticed a small little note, with cursive words written on it. 

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