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Chapter Twenty Three- It's You And Me

It's been a week since we returned home. I haven't even left the house yet, because being jet lagged really sucks. Tom had bounced back to the normal time before I did, probably because he is more use to it than I am.

Dan is leaving tomorrow, to start his rehearsals for 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying'. I love the title, have no clue what the play is about but the title cracks me up.

I have thought about the magazine spread almost every waking moment, and Tom needs an answer by tomorrow. I think that I'm going to do it, main reason being Tom looked so excited when he told me, that and he has been dropping hints for the past week. It won't be too bad will it? I mean it's just a few questions and a few big deal.

I threw the warm sheets off of my body and got up and out of the bed. Tom had gotten up early to have a visit or meeting with his agent. I figured that he would be gone most of the day, so I slept in.

I ran my hand through my hair before I threw it up in a sloppy pony tail. I walked down stairs hearing that the television was already on and playing something that sounded like...SpongeBob? Well Dan must be up.

I turned around the corner lazily and stopped suddenly, they were both there on the couch. "Oh' I said confused, "I thought you would be gone longer?"

Tom smirked up at me "Want me gone already?" he teased, Dan rolled his eyes as he took another bite of his cereal.

I just shrugged at Tom, and his eyes hardened playfully. I smiled at him sweetly as Dan looked me up and down. "Are those Tom's?" He asked.

He was referring to the basketball shorts that I was wearing, that were indeed Tom's; I had to tie them rather tightly around my waist, but men's clothes are so much more comfortable than women's. "Yep" I answered, with a pop.

He nodded approvingly, "Hot".

I poked his nose "Always am".

Tom rolled his eyes, as I began to walk around the couch and into the kitchen. I walked around the table behind the couch, dreaming of a nice cup of coffee when-"OW!" I screamed as the table behind the couch collided with my hip bone.

They both turned around to look at me. "Did you honestly not see that Cassiebear?" Dan asked teasingly.

I held onto my hip and stared confused at the table, I swore that I was another foot to the right, making me out of the way completely. I shook my head "Yeah, guess I'm still tired."

"Are you okay, baby?" Tom asked, minor concern coating his features.

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