Chapter 8 : Sleepover/Party?

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“Lily, when Lance comes over, I need you to talk to him. Please,” I begged.

“Um, why?” Lily arched an eyebrow.

“You see, Lance, uh, has a crush on Alix, and she doesn’t return his feelings. I know she already likes Ben, even though she’s only talked to him a couple times. She feels horrible about not being to make Lance happy, but she’s only a friend. And he feels crushed that she rejected him. So-”

“I get it,” Lily nodded. “You want me to help make peace. Well, I appreciate that, and I’ll help!” she smiled.

“Thanks so much!”

We stood in silence for a while. “Hey, do you want to go back downstairs? Or do you want to let them have some alone time?” We looked at each other and smiled secretly.

“Option B,” we chorused in unison, hi-fiving each other. Hey, hi-fiving wasn’t old, even though a lot of people opted to fist-bumps...

“Or you know what? Let’s spy on them!”


What did Reena do? How was I supposed to talk to Ben now? He was sitting right next to me. Oh, what to do? Even though on the outside I usually seemed levelheaded, my mind was reeling ...with panic. I couldn’t bear the growing silence any longer.

“So...” I started. “How old are you?”

“I’m eighteen, and in college,” he began. I was relieved that he had taken the hint to start talking. “I go to BU, and I’m majoring in psychology. It’s really interesting,”

Wow! Psychology seemed like such an interesting topic. “Really? Can you explain some basic principles to me?” We continued talking about psychology, and I learned about ways that the human mind decides as well as other fun facts. Really.

“Wow, we should talk sometime again!” I commented.

“We should,” agreed Ben. “So, do you still have my number?” he asked. I blushed. God, I hated that habit of mine.

“Um, I think it’s hidden somewhere, but I can find it, probably,” Psh. More like it was in my pocket right now.

“But you know, talking isn’t the only way to get to know each other,” he added abruptly. I saw a small glint in his eyes as he leaned a bit closer to me.

He closed the space between us and kissed me.

Then the front door opened.

Back to Reena’s POV:

‘Oh, yes!’ was almost immediately followed by ‘uh oh!’

Tell me, why did Lance have to choose to open the door two seconds later? Why couldn’t he have-I don’t know-dropped his phone on the sidewalk and ran back to pick it up, leaving the couple in peace? Of course, Alix and Ben couldn’t officially be a couple until December, the time of Alix’s eighteenth birthday.

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