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Ryland's POV

What the hell is wrong with me? 

That is all I can think as I stood under the frigid water streaming from the shower head.  

I shouldn't have even gone into her room.  I should've just walked by after my run.  Ignored the urge.  But how could I when I could hear Talia whimpering and crying from inside? 

I laid my head back, letting the water pounding against my face.  I'm such an idiot. 

But, a little voice nagged me, she made the first move.  She pressed her lips against your skin. 

I groaned, shaking me head and violetly turning the knob of the shower, cutting the water off. 

I dried of quickly, tying a towel around my waist.  The shower hadn't been much help.  All I could think about was Talia.  Her skin soft and flushed from sleep, her hair falling loosely down to her waist.  Her eyes and lips searching for me in the dark. 

I groaned again, stepping out into the hallway. 

"You sound frusturated, baby." 

I whirled around, my heart accelerating, thinking that maybe Talia had followed me, maybe she wasn't done . . .

But no, it was only Skylar, leaning against her bedroom door in her pajamas.  I swallowed when I saw them.  Short silk bottoms and a matching tank top.  Why the hell would she be wearing that. 

"I'm not, actually," I assured her, grabbing onto the top of my towel and clearing my throat uncomfortably.  It's not like she's never seen me naked.  She has.  Its just, this is different. 

Skylar smiled, her big brown eyes bright in a way that almost had me scared.  Almost.  "Ryland, you need to relax a little.  Spend some time just enjoying yourself." 

I stared at her for a moment.  Was she seriously doing this right now?

I ran a hand through my damp hair and immediately regretted it when Skylar's eyes found the edge of my towel as it slipped down a bit.  I hastily grabbed it again, glaring at her.  "Look, Skylar, I really have to go and get ready." 

She took a step closer to me.  I could smell the perfume she wore.  A suffocating scent.  I resisted the urge to cough. 

"Ryland, baby-,"

I cut her off.  "Skylar, you need to stop.  Go back to bed."  I turned around, tired of her antics.  "And quit calling me fucking baby," I said over my shoulder as I walked away. 


I sat, lounging on the couch next to Lydie.  She and I were the only ones down here yet.  She, because the baby was keeping her up and me because I was too caught up in my own thoughts.  The sun hadn't risen yet/ 

Lydie was humming a soft song, tracing patterns on her tummy.  Occasionally she would pause, holding her hand over a certain spot before smiling and starting again.  I watched her as she did this.  It was so different, this Lydie compared to the old one, before she was pregnant.  She used to be so badass and immature. 

Did everyone change when they got pregnant?  Become quiet and thoughtful and motherly?  Would this happen to Talia? 

I stopped my train of thought with a little jerk, earning a curious glance from Lydie.  I don't know why I started thinking of Talia like that.  She was only eighteen!  It'd be a long time before she was carrying and looking after pups.  That is, if she had the kids with another shifter . . . if she had them with a human she might not have pups, only little babies . . .