Ch. 20 Don't hurt him!

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Atsuko opened her eyes looking around recognizing a familiar. She stood in front of the Orphanage that she lived most of her young life until Kyoko adopted her. She looked up seeing the sky is grey and is about to rain. She heard footsteps coming by putting her down looking forward seeing a figure with its face hidden holding a brown basket in its arms. Her heart beat deciding to walk closer. 

' Could it be' Atsuko thought. 

She stood behind the figure as it placed the basket on the ground. She blinked seeing small delicate hands opened the basket revealing a sleeping baby. She immediately recognized the baby as herself. 

' If that's me.....that means' Atsuko looked at the hooded figure. 

" Kana Chouko...." She whispered.

The figure looked up turning her head revealing the same face as the one on the picture in Hatori's room. The figure is no other that Kana Chouko, the love of Hatori's life and the one that means the world to him yet lost thanks to Akito. 

" M-Mom" Atsuko stuttered as tears fell on her eyes looking right at her. " I...I am sorry" She sniffed. " Why did you have to go?" She asked. 

Kana looked away staring at the small baby.

" Atsuko...." She whispered causing the baby to open its eyes revealing the same color as the one Atsuko has now. 

' I was so small' Atsuko thought. 

" I am sorry...." Kana whispered. " I am sorry that I can't take care of you. I wish I could....something inside my heart wants too but" She starts to cry. " I have to focus on my education still. I am close to getting a master on medicine and I'll finally become a doctor" She tells. " I....I wish I could see you grow up but I know that will never happened because you'll be adopted into a nice family who will love" She kissed Atsuko's forehead causing the baby to giggled. " Here a remember me by" She takes a necklace off putting it on around her neck.

Atsuko continued to stare at the mother and child placing a hand on the same necklace on her neck. 

" Mom...." She whispered. " I will never hate.....I wish there was a way for us to meet again" She smiled sadly. 

Kana stood up walking to the door and knocked as thunder roared causing the small Atsuko to cry getting scared.  Atsuko watched Kana run off and the door opened revealing the head of the orphanage spotting the small baby taking her in. She looked away as her heart beat wanting to follow Kana but a voice stopped her.

" WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!" A voice shouted.

That voice brought her to reality. Atsuko opened her eyes looking around realizing that she's in her room at Shigure's place.  She got out of bed putting her sandals on walking out of the room heading down the stairs. 

" If you....If you hurt Atsuko...I will never forgive you!" That same voiced growled a little. 

Atsuko stopped mid stepped seeing Yuki pinning Hatori to the wall. Her eyes widened running towards them.

" Yuki! Don't hurt him!" She shouted feeling protective of her father. 

Yuki turned seeing Atsuko with an angry expression on her face. 

" Atsuko?!" He lets go of Hatori pulling Atsuko into his arms hugging her close. " I am so worried. He didn't hurt you did he?" He asked pulling back a bit to look at Atsuko's face.

Atsuko blushed a little. 

" I'm fine" She whispered. " But please don't hurt Hatori!" She frowned. " He's my-" She was cut off by Hatori.

" Atsuko..." Hatori gave her a warning. 

Atsuko looked at Hatori and frowned nodding at him.

" He's your what?" Yuki asked looking at her.

" He is my dear friend just like you are dear to me too" Atsuko tells him.

Yuki's eyes softened knowing he can't be mad at her. He turned to look at Hatori carefully eyeing the man.

" I'm sorry" He apologized.

Hatori nodded. 

Atsuko sighed in relief glad no one got hurt. She looked at her friends telling them that she was in an accident and Hatori happened to be near by and saved her. She show them her bandage leg.

Tohru frowned along with Yuki.

" You are okay right" They asked in unison.

" Yes" Atsuko nodded. 

Kyo turned to Hatori asking him if he's staying over or something. Hatori glanced at Atsuko and then too Shigure. 

" I was about to tell Shigure, how I am going back home to my original house" Hatori tells him.

' The house that I lived with Kana most of my life after we married and before I wiped her memories out' He thought.

Shigure smiled remembering Hatori's home which he never told the Sohma clan about except for himself and Ayame. 

Yuki and Kyo looked surprised.

" You have a home outside of the clan?" They asked. 

Hatori nodded.

" It's bigger than this house though" He smiles a bit.

Shigure glared pouting a bit.

" My house is perfect!" He puffed his cheeks.

Hatori rolled his eyes at Shigure turning to the teens.

" You are all welcome to come by" His eyes met with Atsuko when he said that. " It's close to the beach. So, you kids can have fun during the summer" He tells them.

Kyo grinned. 

" Sweet! Summer is coming up. I can also do some training" He smirked. " So I can beat the stupid rat next to me" He glared at Yuki.

Yuki rolled his eyes at Kyo. 

" Well what do you girls think?" He asked looking at Atsuko and Tohru.

Both girls looked at each other. 

" Sounds fun! We would love to go during the summer" They smiled. 

Hatori smiled wanting to at least spend time with Atsuko and get to know. He feels bad for not being with her for sixteen years. 

" Hatori" Atsuko speaks up.

Hatori blinks looking at his daughter.

" Want to stay for dinner?" She asked.

His eyes softened at her.

" Of course" He smiles a little. 

Yuki and Kyo watched the two interact looking a little surprised that Hatori is smiling. Well, a little bit but it is still a smile. They wondered what really happened between Hatori and Atsuko. Shigure watched as well feeling happy that Hatori is his usual self again. He quietly thanked Kana for bringing Atsuko into the world because Hatori now has someone to love and protect with his life. 


Hime_chan10: To answer some questions, Yuki and Atsuko are somewhat related thru the Sohma clan but they are distant relatives. They are endgame no matter what because I heard clans are known to intermarry and such ^^ 

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