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This is a Fantasy - Romance Story. And there are also other genre included, dipende sa pagiging bipolar ng author. xp



written by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (HYSTG)

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"I was an awful person."

Well that's an understatement.

I almost killed someone.

I've tried drugs.

I smoked weeds.

I can't talk without cussing.

I robbed people after hurting them.

Violence was my favourite game.

I wasn't a gangster or any of those sh*ts. I was just a rebel, I was a thrashy shitty a$$.hole kind of person.

I was that. I really was but that was until i met that stupid annoying irritating eyesore abnormal ugly mushroom freak girl.

 She's kind.

She's honest.

She's cute. (wait, no)

She's gullible.

She's forgiving.

She's humble.

She's an angel.

I mean literally, she is.

She's the antonym of me.

She said she fell from heaven...

and I ended up falling for her.

An angel who changed my whole life and beliefs...

But where are you now my guardian angel? I miss you.



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