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Black Moon Series Book #4
Warning: #Mature #Gay #Triggering

This story will be published once it is fully written. Spin-off to the other stories of the Black Moon series.

Sometimes you just don't need a vile family or to be beaten by your parents or an overly strict childhood to become a bad guy. Sometimes you just have it in you.

Contrary to many delinquents, I never had to face anything like that. My parents lived well off. They loved me like parents are supposed to love their children; they cherished me and educated me well. I never really lacked anything, but I was attracted to bad guys. I just had it in me.

Well that was until I met the right persons. Aaron Cox was one of them. He introduced me to a lifestyle that filled my need for guidance, my lack of authority and my lust for sex. And thanks to him I met the man who changed my life.

However good things never last. My name is Jeremy and I'm going to tell you the short story of my life.

Published on 2 Dec 2016

If you guys want to have a taste of the atmosphere of this story, you may listen to the two following songs or at least google their lyrics:

- Fade To Black, by Metallica (it's a soft song, not one of the loudest, but their most beautiful song to me)
- My Last Breath by Evanescence

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