Christian Pick-Up Lines Part 2

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Hey yall! Heres some more:P Lol Some arent so funny, but my favorites are 3, 23, 27, and 32. Write your favorites in the comment section below if you feel like it:P Let me know what ya' think ;) Toodles! <3

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1)      Honesty is like a kiss on the lips...and baby i never lie (Proverbs 24:26 "He who gives a right answer kisses the lips.")

2)      Hey baby, you wanna take the church van for a spin?

3)      I'm not like those other (insert your church name here) guys.

4)      Has anyone ever told you, your eyes are like doves and your neck like the tower of David (read Song of Solomon)?

5)      Excuse me, is this pew taken?

6)      I don't speak in tongues, but i kiss that way!

7)      God broke the mold when He made your sweet face.

8)      Do you know the difference between making out and a sermon? ... no? wanna go to church with me?

9)       [check the person's shirt tag] "just as i thought... made in heaven."

10)   Hi, my name's Will...God's Will –only if your name is Will—lol :P

11)   Hey, need a ride to church?

12)   I'd pick you over Satan any day.

13)   God was just showing off when He made you.

14)   I would like to pray with you.

15)   No, i'm not coveting, I intend to make you mine.

16)   You have the body of Amy Grant and the soul of Mother Teresa. (Note: Do not get this confused!)

17)   Do you think "ask, and it shall be given you" is to be taken literally?

18)   I practice our mission to "love one another" to the fullest extent!

19)   God told me to come talk to you!

20)   How do you feel about the passage that says, "it is more blessed to give than to receive"?

21)   When I saw you, I knew the true meaning of "rejoice and be glad."

22)   I didn't know angels flew this low.

23)   Excuse me, but can I drinkith from your cupith?

24)   If Eve was tempted by an apple than you must be my fruit.

25)   That halo matches perfectly with your eyes.

26)   I must be dead and looking at the angel that is going to take me to heaven.

27)   You put the "cute" back in persecution!

28)   I hear there's going to be a love offering tonight.

29)   I just don't feel called to celibacy

30)   You know, I'm really into relationship evangelism.

31)   Before tonight, I never believed in predestination...

32)   You know Jesus?! Me, too!


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