chapter two | runaway | waterfall

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It was so unfair. They treated us like animals just because we had magic. Less food than the others... Spoke to like dogs...

I couldn't take it anymore. We couldn't take it anymore.

Pitter patter.

The sound of wind blew into my ears as my sister and I attempted to escape the orphanage. Raindrops cascaded from the sky, soaking us to the bone. A ghost-like figure, Akuma, flew by me, urging me and Lyra to continue sprinting as fast as we could away from security.

"Stop those two crazy magic users! Bring them back to the orphanage!" the head guard yelled. I heard the heavy footsteps of the guards as they pursued us.

My eyes teared at the repetitive name-calling. Searching for an opening to hide, my blurry vision caught sight of a tall marble tower. Oddly, its doors were open, despite the rain. The adrenaline coursing through my veins prevented me from thinking straight. I grabbed hold of Lyra's arm and yanked her and myself inside of the tower before the security guards caught up to us.

Lyra slammed the front doors shut. We could still hear the head security guard yell outside. Both of us were drenched, spending a whole thirty seconds trying to catch our breath. Through my blurry eyesight from the adrenaline, I only managed to see an outline of a dining table to my right and a fireplace to my left. We waited for a while in anticipation, hoping that the guards had given up and went back to that hellhole of an orphanage.

"Who's there?" A feminine voice groggily called out.

My eyes widened in fear. Footsteps echoed down the corridor towards the front entrance where we were.

We froze, at a loss of what to do. Akuma watched the end of the corridor in anticipation, anxiety written all over her face.

The silhouette at the entrance of the hallway revealed a brunette. The first expression she wore on her face was shock- What could two girls be doing here in the middle of the night?

Almost immediately, she unsheathed her sword and glared at us. "Who are you, and why are you here so late into the night?"

"We're so sorry t-to intrude! Um... We had a pretty rough day, and all we want is just shelter f-for one night," I explained, stretching my arm before me in defence.

The girl before us eyed me and Lyra, not noticing Akuma was there as she chose not to reveal herself. She withdrew and sheathed her sword back into its scabbard.

After a moment of pondering, the brunette pointed at the two of us. "You two," she ordered,"place any weaponry onto the table."

I emptied my pockets, my sister following suit. "No weapons," I claimed.

"Then follow me. We have a spare guest room at the back of the corridor on the second floor."


As the four of us- Me, Lyra, Akuma and the brunette- went down the corridor towards the stairs, I got a closer look at the girl. She was in her pajamas. Looks like she was sleeping. Oops.

"So what are your names?" The brunette asked. I could feel the aftermath of running taking its toll on me. My legs felt like lead and I was almost certain that they were slightly wobbling.

I was caught off guard by the sudden question. "Well, um," I gestured towards Lyra, "This is Lyra, and I'm... Waterfall."

Lyra raised an eyebrow at the sudden statement, but the look I gave her following her reaction kept her mouth shut. Can't be bothered to decide whether to trust that girl or not. I'm way too exhausted.

"Nice to meet you, Waterfall, Lyra. My name is Sienna."

Oh... So that was her name. "Nice to meet you too, Sienna." I replied, still slightly shivering from the cold air and the evaporating raindrops. "What is this place?"

"Clement guild. I'm surprised you didn't notice. There was a sign outside marking this place. By the way, speaking of guild... Do you two... by any chance, use magic?"

I nodded as the three of us climbed up the stairs, Akuma floating behind us. "I use Water magic and Lyra uses Earth magic."

"Really? Wow, it's hard to find magic users nowadays... Let alone element users... That's why we don't have much people in our guild..." Saying this, we arrived in front of a door at the back of the second floor's hallway. Sienna turned the door's handle and opened it.

"Well, this is the guest room. You two will be sleeping here for tonight," said Sienna. Lyra and I filed into the room. Nothing much out of the ordinary- Just two single beds at each corner of the room. There was a window between them as well as next to the beds and a desk on each side. The room looked symmetrical.

I looked back towards Sienna to thank her for the hospitality. Her brows were furrowed, looking to her right. She seemed like she was thinking hard about something.

"Well, thanks for the hospitality, we really appreciate it," I said.

"...Yeah. You're welcome." Sienna closed the door.

I laid myself onto one of the beds and rolled onto my side, glancing outside the window. I could see that the rain had died down a significant amount, making it only drizzling. A vast amount of twinkling stars dotted the sky. It was pretty.

I prayed for the rest of the night that the security guards wouldn't find us.

They didn't.

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