Ch. 19 What did you do to her!

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A car parked in front of the Shigure's house. Shigure looked up from his newspaper seeing Hatori getting out of the car. He blinked tilting his head to the side wondering why his cousin is here when his eyes widened in surprised seeing Hatori taking Atsuko out of the car bridal style. He got up walking towards the door sliding it to the side letting Hatori in who stopped to look at him. 

" Shigure? Where is she staying" Hatori asked. 

Shigure pointed up as Hatori walked passed him heading up the stairs with Atsuko in his arms. He frowned feeling curious as to what happened that caused Hatori to come to his place with Atsuko at all people. 

Hatori looked around sliding a door to the side seeing two beds. He figured this room belongs to Atsuko due to the bright colors on the carpet floor and bed. He walked towards a bed placing Atsuko down looking at her with worried eyes. He brushed a piece of hair out of her face noticing something. 

' She looks so much like Kana when asleep' Hatori thought.

He bit his lips remembering the letter behind the drawing that Kana left for him. He is still surprised that Kana and himself created a child through their love. He continued to stare at Atsuko feeling amazed.

" I'm a father...." Hatori whispered. " I-I am a father" He started to realize it just by telling it to himself. " Kana...I am so sorry" He closed his eyes feeling guilty. " Not only didn't I protect you. I didn't protect our child as well" He stood up turning around walking out of the room. " I don't deserve to be Atsuko's father" He turned his head to her eyes saddened sliding the door letting her sleep. 

Shigure finished preparing a plate of food for himself and Hatori thinking his cousin is hungry. He looked up seeing Hatori walking down the stairs but noticed he was wearing a depressed expression on his face. The same expression he had on the day he wiped Kana's memories of him and everyone she knew in the Sohma Clan.

" Hatori? What's wrong?" He asked.

Hatori looked up hiding his sadness with a small smile. 

" I am okay...." He mumbled sitting down on the floor.

Shigure hummed.

" I know you Hatori. You are depressed. What happened? Why did you came home carrying Atsuko in your arm?" He asked him.

" Shigure, how long have you knew?" Hatori suddenly speaks up looking at him with a serious expression on his face.

" Huh?" Shigure blinked.

" How long did you knew that Atsuko is my daughter? Is that why she is living with you because you knew she is my daughter" Hatori's eyes narrowed. 

Shigure's eyes widened in surprised at the sudden news.

' Atsuko is Hatori's daughter?' He thought. 

Shigure hummed closing his eyes remembering the moments he shared with Atsuko. He started to realized that she resembles a bit of Hatori and Kana. He can't believe he has been living with his niece this whole time. 

" I didn't know" He whispered. 

Hatori continued to stared at Shigure realizing that he's telling the truth. He sighed grabbing the cup of tea gulping it down. 

" What are you going to do?" Shigure asked. 

" Are you going to tell Ak-" He was cut off by Hatori. 

" I will NEVER tell him" Hatori's eyes narrowed. " I don't want him anywhere near my daughter" He told him sounding protective already.

Shigure hummed nodding at him. 

" So when did you figure out Atsuko was your daughter?" He asked.

Hatori sighed explaining to Shigure what happened earlier. 

The two men weren't aware that Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru were coming home from shopping. The three teens haven't seen Atsuko the whole day and they were worried. Yuki walked to the door stopping himself once he heard Hatori's voice. 

" Atsuko came to the Sohma house" Hatori speaks up.

Yuki's eyes went wide feeling his heart beat rapidly. He grabbed the door sliding it to the side staring at them.

" What did you do to her!" He shouted shaking in anger.

Hatori and Shigure turned their heads looking at Yuki. Hatori gave Shigure a stare indicating to him to not say a word about Atsuko being his daughter to anyone including Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru. 

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