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Several months later..

"Jimin-ah~ Jimin-ah~" Jimin quietly squealed at the baby, who was peacefully sleeping in Yoongi's arms.

"Go away, you're going to wake him up." Yoongi said, a shadow of disgust crossing his face.

He quickly gave baby Jimin back to Taehyung before he woke up because of Jimin. Taehyung gently carried your little baby in his arms. He had to be very careful as the newborn was still very fragile.

He then carefully examined his pink face and beamed, "He looks like his father."

"I know right?" You weakly smiled, agreeing on his statement.

But then suddenly, you let out a sigh, "I hope his father is here."

The three of them turned quiet all of a sudden as they shifted their gazes from the baby to you. They noticed sadness went through your eyes.

You swiftly turned your head to the window and commenced to stare at bright, blue sky. The sky was great yet, it felt somehow empty. As if there was something missing.

"How could he leave so early? How could he leave me?" You mumbled.

The boys began to exchange looks with each other but said not a word. None of them knew what to say at that time and the three of them were quietly forcing each other to talk.

The room turned very quiet and dull until the door swung open all of a sudden, revealing Jungkook who was panting very hard. It was obvious that he'd been running.

Concern etched on his face as he made his way to you, his heavy breathing became even more audible when approaching you. He went to your side and immediately hugged you who was sitting on the bed, looking sorta pale.

"Are you alright? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left early to work and left you alone at home." He said as he tightened the hug even more.

But it didn't last long as Jimin purposely coughed to break you two apart.

"Is it just me or is this room getting hotter?" He raised his brows while fanning himself with his hand.

Jungkook halted and looked up to Jimin.

"Hyung, go and get yourself a wife then." He playfully teased making Jimin instantly blushed in embarrassment.

Taehyung, who was having fun holding baby Jimin in his arms almost forgot who his real father was. He carefully handed him to Jungkook, whose jaw literally dropped once he saw his baby.

Jungkook carefully held his small head with his hand and stared at his angelic face. He still couldn't believe that the tiny new life held in his hands was his child, and the fact that he had officially became a father made him hyped up.

"Aww you're so pretty, my baby girl." He squealed in a low voice.

"Again Jungkook, he's a boy." You corrected him which made him speechless for a moment.

"No wonder you're so handsome. You must've taken my side." Jungkook said as he planted a soft kiss on his cute little nose.

"You should name him Taehyung since I was the first man to welcome him to this world, not Jimin." Taehyung demanded while sending his short mate a glare.

"Jelly." He laughed and ended up quarreling with Taehyung in silent since they didn't want to disturb the baby's sleep.

While Taehyung and Jimin were having a little fight, Jungkook busy staring at the baby, Yoongi asked if he could borrow your phone to call Hoseok who promised to come but had not showed up yet.

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