1: Decorations

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My mum is more the traditional type of woman, although in the last couple of years she's done away the traditional decorations.

One of my favourite decoration to put on the tree are the lights. Last year we upgraded our range of Christmas lights, now with three sets of lights all joined up together my family's tree looks magical.

Christmas Tree Check-List:
- Lights
- Tinsel
- Baubles (Glitter covered baubles work best with Christmas lights)
- Ornaments
- Star (This is a must because without a star on top of the tree it would look bare)

Christmas Tree No-No's:
- Spray snow (this looks tacky and makes you tree look fake even if you have a real Christmas tree)
- Expensive decorations (there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on personalised baubles and ornaments)

Note: you can make your own personalised decorations for a fraction of the price to buy professionally personalised baubles. Check out the How To Make Your Own Personalised Decorations.

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