"I don't want to be nagging, don't wanna be dragging you down. Look what I am doing now? Don't know how you got me like this..."~Jasmine V.

I guess me and Megs are back together and Amelia seems pretty happy with Niall anyway she doesn't even come near me anymore seems like she's backing away from me ever since Megs came back. And I don't like it I am still in love with her or maybe I am just becoming delusional because I wanted Megs and now she's here I don't want her? So many mixed feelings but the dominant feeling is jealously I can't stop but get jealous when I see her and Niall having a so called moment together...it just gets my blood pumping! I know this isn't the way I am supposed to be feeling but I love Amelia....I am such a fool and I know it. I saw Amelia outside by the pool dipping my legs in, I told the boys to distract Meg so I could talk to her alone and maybe tell her how I feel.

"Amelia?" I said walking out bare foot in the starry night

"Oh Liam.." she replied getting out of the pool quickly trying to avoid me

"Where are you going?" I said quizically because she was walking away from me

I picked up the pace of my walking speed and grabbed her wrist to make her face me. She span round so quick she fell into my arms.

"Liam we can't be..." she said facing down as I slipped my fingers into her hands

"Why?" I asked lifting her chin to force her to look up at me

"We just can't..no matter how much you mean to me" she mumbled with a teary eye

"But me and Megan aren't a big thing it's just a one time fling thing" I said holding her tightly giving her nothing but the truth

"I know Liam, but I am in love with Niall now and your better off with her anyway.." her words burned right through me

I made no comment and just looked at her getting lost in her deep brown eyes, like I was in an illusion. She slowly released her hands from mine and gave me a good bye look. I am not one of those jealous types but when she said she loved Niall that hit me hard knowing that they have just spent a day together and she's already inlove...that makes me feel like our few days together meant nothing anymore.

Amelia's POV

That hurt alot. I've ran out of words to say to him. But I only followed what Megan wanted, she doesn't want me fraternising with him in anyway possible and no matter how much I wanted to kiss or hug Liam I couldn't. Me and Niall have nothing going on, he was the only one there when I needed someone to talk to and I told him about everything Megan told me and he offered to help me look like I've moved on by acting like my fake boyfriend. So that's why it looks like were going out. Niall's a great guy but he's more like a brother to me and it's so sweet he's doing for me and I thank him loads for that but some how this seems really wrong because I am hurting Liam. But vice versa Liam hurt me, seeing him on that balcony kissing Megan made me think I meant nothing to him and I was just a one time fling with me. I need to leave this place for a cool off, I need to go some where out of Ireland back to my home town and just let my hair down. It's too serious over here...way too serious.

"Amelia can I come in?" Niall asked knocking on my door

"Yeah sure, shut the door while your at it please...come sit next to me" I said patting the space next to me

"What you doin?" he asked

"Nothing on your macbook air looking through things" I said with a cheeky smile

"oh cool...wait rewind hey that's mine" he said trying to grab the laptop from my lap

"Awwww Niall you look so so so adorable" I said pointing at the screen