What Happened To You (Funny)

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"OMG I'm so fucking sleepy." you yawned, getting out of bed.

You only got 4 hours of sleep and August is at the studio

August nieces wanted to spend a night so you let them. Cause you treat them like your own. They were still sleep.

You walk down stairs with your hair crazy, eyes nearly open and you half sleep.

You walked into the kitchen and look through the kitchen.

"No....not that....Dont feel like cooking that...Ahhhaa cereal." Picking up the Lucky charms.

You fixed the cereal and sat on the stool. You then started drifting off to sleep, you face mushed up against your palm.

"Bae..Im home." August said closing the front door rather loud.

"Huh." you woke up. Your hand slipping and your face planting into the cereal.

August walked into the kitchen.

"Hey.....bae?" he said looking at you weird.

"Umm you got a lit---no it's-- You got lucky charms in your noes." He said chuckling.

"You look absolutely horrible." he added.

"Well gee thanks for the compliment." you said taking cereal out your hair and nose and wiping your face.

"Bae what happen? Why does it look like you woke up from the dead." he asked adding chuckles in there to.

"Ok.....with the insults." you said.

"Where are the kids?" he asked

"Upstairs sleep, where I should be." you replied.

"Then why aren't you."

"Cuz I couldn't sleep."

"Aww you missed me." he said in a baby voice.

"Shut up August."

Then Amaiya one of August nieces ran downstairs.

"August!" she screamed and ran to him and hugged him. He picked her up and hand her in one his hip.

"Y/N you look horrible." she said

"You and August must be on a role with all these insults." you said pinching her cheeks.

"Well you do." they both said.

"Alright I'm done. I'm going to bed" you said walking upstairs.

"Did we hurt her feelings." she asked getting sad.

"Oh no she's just sleepy. That's why it's good to get beauty sleep." he said putting her down.

"AUGUST I HEARD DAT." you said from upstairs.

"Oooo." Amaiya said covering her mouth. "You in trouble." she got out his arms and running back into the bedroom she was in.

August ran upstairs.

"Bae it was a joke." he said laughing

You straight face him.

August puts his hands up in surrender. He walks up to and wraps his arms around you waist. and whisper in your ear.

"Come on Bae so you can get some sleep."
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