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This is an sex scene beware don't like, don't read you've been warned!!

ROSE POV:As me and Dimitri made it to the shower, i tripped off his big feet. Did i mention that's not the only thing big on him. He caught me and he dipped me and kissed me. It turned into a full makeout session. We were undressing each other. And after Dimitri unclapsed my bra he dropped his pants and boxers at the same time. And he had an erection the size of Texas. We undressed each other the rest of the way and hopped in the shower. The water was freezing making my nipples hard. Dimitri realized this and turned the water on steaming hot. He then stuck his mouth to my nipple and sucked." Dimitri I need you! ""We'll I wanna make you suffer some" was his reply. I dropped to my knees and went to give him a blow job but he pulled me up. He grabbed some handcuffs out of no where and chained my hands together. "Dimitri where did you get those?" "Baby, im a guard where do you think i got them?" Dimitri Belikov unhand cuff me now. If you listen to me, i will. ( Dimitri was into bondage but nobody knew, besides me of course) so I had to listen to him, that was my only choice, unless I didn't. I don't wanna listen dimitri. Well if you don't it will be worse on you. I like it rough and you know it 😉 so where were we. He grabbed the shower head and stuck it straight to my pussy. Ughh Dimitri. Please just let me cum. I was ready in a matter of minutes Rozah rolled of his tongue and he said Roza of of let you cum what would be the fun in that. He kept me waiting. He removed the shower head just as i was about to release. And he cleaned my body and washed all the paint out of my hair. He cleaned himself up and made me watch him. I had absolutely no patience and started whining at him. We got out and he dried my off. He then he dried himself. He picked me up and brought me to the bed. He uncuffed my hands and took roped out of his bag he brought. He started making out with me and I didn't even realize he tied each one of my limbs to a pile on the bed. He stuck a spiky dildo in my pussy and turned it in high vibration. If you cum I will make you want me to stop. He then took out an anal plug and shoved it in my ass. He then got in front of me and made me sick his monstrous cock. It wasn't a normal size of was about 9 1/2 inches. And i took the whole thjng in my mouth. After Dimitri released I was about to cum. And he knew it. His response was oh no you don't. His stick his hand in and pulled out the dildo. I was so wet. He started fucking me and said  I hold to hold my com but he could release. So he fucked me and wwhen he knew I was close he would pull out. After about his third time cumming I was on a high. He shoved his arm in my pussy to his elbow and arm fucked me. He didn't stop and told me I could cum. It was the best cummjng I've ever had. I squirted everywhere. And it was a high. After that me and Dimitri cleaned up untied me and took out the ass plug. Then we changed the bedding and got ready for the night swim with the gang.

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