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Explain this!!!!!!!!!!

~Cindy, a slight conspiracy theorist~

-Lincoln was elected for Congress in 1846

-John F. Kennedy was elected for Congress in 1946

-Lincoln failed to win the V.P. nomination in 1856

-Kennedy fail to win the V.P. nomination in 1956

-Lincoln was elected president in 1860

-Kennedy was elected president in 1960

-Both presidents were assassinated in the head

-Both had children that died in the White House

-Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy

-Kennedy's secretary was named Lincon

-Lincoln and Kennedy were assasinated and followed by Southerners

-John Wilkes Booth ran from a theatre and was captured in a warehouse

-Lee Harvey Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theatre

-The killers were assinated before their trials

DON'T SUE ME!!!!!! I got these facts from this site.

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