Chapter 3

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Days had passed and there was no sign of Georgia's brother. Aurora couldn't help but feel disappointed. She thought she was going to be able to leave this hell hole, but it was looking like it may never happen. Since the night Aurora showed Georgia her form, the duo had grown close. It was nice to have someone who cared about her, especially after the beatings she received from Darren or one of the others. 

She had been cleaning the kitchen after breakfast when Georgia appeared at her side.

"I'm worried." Georgia whispered grabbing a dish to dry.

"Why?" Aurora asked.

"My brother should have been here by now." Georgia whispered stacking the plate before grabbing another. "Something's wrong, I can tell."

"I'm sure if your brother said he was coming for you, he will." Aurora tried to reassure her. However hesitant she was feeling, she didn't want Georgia to see her doubt.  She could feel Georgia staring at the side of her head, but she made no movement to look at her.

"Oh Georgia, dear." Angel said in a sickly sweet voice. "Leave the cleaning to the runt."

Neither girls had heard the footsteps coming near them. Aurora kept her head down, not wanting to look the devil in her eyes. If she made one wrong movement, said one wrong word; Angel would tell Darren and she would receive a beating. 

"I don't mind." Georgia said with a smile watching as Angel's face turned to a frown. Obviously not used to people disagreeing with her, Angel  had narrowed her eyes looking between the girls, trying to figure out if they were friends. In her mind the runt shouldn't have friends.

As much as Angel was trying to intimidate her, it wasn't working. Georgia was a Luna, and a bitch like Angel wasn't a threat. Angel's minions looked to be clueless-they were just following the leader, so Georgia knew she didn't have to worry about them.

"I know you're new, so let me warn you. Watch the company you keep. Don't lower your rank, just because you pity the runt." Angel warned.

"It's not out of pity. It's because a pack is a family. You should include and help all, no matter what rank another is." Georgia snapped.

"That's funny, last I heard you ran from your pack. Your family - so I don't think you really know what a pack is. You're a coward and you obviously lack loyalty. You will not last long here." Angel promised.

Even though it wasn't the truth, she did not run from her pack but Aurora could tell it struck a nerve with Georgia. No wolf liked to be called a coward or have their loyalty questioned. Angel basically was calling her a lone wolf; a rogue. It went against  their instincts to be apart of pack, to be a loyal and valued member of a pack.  Only few were fit to be a rogue.

Aurora knew what was going to happen, but before she could stop it; she had to watch in horror as Georgia threw the last of the chocolate pudding towards Angel, covering her front.  Her anger seemed to die as soon as she realized what she had done and she paled.

Angel screeched, "You bitch, this was a new top." Her minions yelled in disgust, and soon the loud and thundering steps of the Alpha were heard.

"What the hell is going on in here?" He demanded, his voice cold.

"Look what she did to me, boo. She ruined my top." She cried against the Alpha's chest. Wrapping his arms around her, he glared at the two girls. Aurora could practically feel herself shrink against his gaze. He was murderous.

"Want to explain yourself?" Darren asked looking between the two.

"It was me, Alpha. I'm sorry." Aurora spoke up taking the blame. She wasn't going to let Georgia be beaten. It wasn't likely that she had ever been punished let alone been beat before, and Aurora wasn't going to let Darren's darkness taint her.

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