Chapter 42

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"I knew it would fit you." Dad grins as I step out of my bathroom.

"Dad, I can't wear this." I sigh, although I have to admit, I do look pretty good.

The black tux hugs my body comfortably.

"Why not?" He frowns. "It looks great."

"I know. It does. Dad, it's your wedding tux. I can't wear it." I sigh.

He gives me a gentle smile and squeezes my shoulder.

"Kell, I'm never going to wear it again. I want you to have it. It's fine." He says and I nod although I still feel like I shouldn't be wearing it.

He smiles and grabs the bow tie before tying it around my neck. He straightens it, brushes a little bit of lint off my shoulder before he stands back and grins at me. He's got that proud dad look in his face.

I breathe out deeply as I turn back to the mirror. I look really good, I just hope Vic thinks the same.

Mom knocks then enters the room. She gasps and covers her mouth. Her eyes fill with tears as she throws her arms around me.

"You look amazing, Honey. You've grown up so fast." She sniffs.

I smile and rub her back. She pulls away then grabs my face in her hands.

"Vic's waiting downstairs." She says and I start to get nervous.

"Already? He's early." I murmur with a shaky voice.

"He's like five minutes early. Relax Kells." Mom smiles and I nod taking another nervous breath.

"Okay, I'm ready." I nod feeling a lot more calm.

Mom kisses my cheek and they both lead me out of my room. I walk downstairs and into the living room where Vic is sitting and waiting for me. He looks nervous yet still so attractive.
He's wearing a blue tux and I begin wishing that he'd never stop wearing it.

He looks up when he notices me enter the room. His jaw drops and his eyes go wide. He stands up and strides towards me.

"Wow." He breathes. "Kells, you look...just so...perfect."

He stares adoringly into my eyes and I blush deeply.

"You look perfect too." I murmur.

He cups my face and pushes his lips to mine. Like every kiss we share, it feels like fireworks. I snake my arms around his neck and he pulls me closer to him.

"Come on you two, make out later. You're going to be late." Mom says and I giggle pulling away from Vic, though I can't stop staring at him. He's so gorgeous.

"Wait, I want a few photos." Mom says taking out her phone and I internally groan.

We pose for a few photos before I say goodbye to my parents then excitingly leave.

As Vic's driving towards school, he keeps turning his head to look at me though he doesn't say anything.

"Eyes on the road Mister." I say warningly. "If you kill us, I'll kill you."

He chuckles and shakes his head.

"I don't see how that's possible but okay." He grins.

"What are you looking at anyway?" I mumble.

"You." He says like it's not obvious.

"Yeah but why?" I ask rolling my eyes.

"Because I've never seen you look more beautiful." He gushes and I blush shyly.

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