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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Five

Summer’s POV

“Him and his…” Becca trailed off, unable to finish the sentence. She didn’t need to though; I knew exactly what she was going to say. Clover and his mum were together, or whatever they called their sick little relationship. “They were…” She shook her head, still not able to finish what she wanted to say.

As disgusting, sing and wrong as it was that was, it was actually good for us. If things went wrong when we attempted locking him in the cellar then we could always use that against him. I mean something like that must stay with you.

Suddenly realising something, I stood up straight and gasped. “Where is she now?”

“What?” Becca whispered.

“His mum, where is she?” I shone the torch around the room, being careful not to go too close to the window. The room was as neat and tidy as the rest of the house so I couldn’t really tell if it was lived in or not. She couldn’t be here still and there was never any mention of his mum, so where was she? “We need to find out what happened to her,” I told Becca.

“She’s probably dead; why else wouldn’t we have heard anything?” I nodded in agreement. That was most likely but we still needed to be one hundred percent sure, we couldn’t leave anything to chance.

“We need to find her name and then we can search the grave yard.” I groaned internally at the thought, searching the entire grave yard was not something I wanted to do but we couldn’t ask anyone else for help without telling them our plans. “Also look for anything that could relate to his family. We need to know if we should expect a psycho brother turning up.”

Immediately we started searching through draws, trying to find anything with her name on it.

Deep down I knew how stupid I was, doing something like this just wasn’t me, although I wasn’t sure exactly who I was anymore. I wanted to just be able to snap back to the old Summer and not let him affect me; it was becoming increasingly hard to lie to myself. The truth was I wasn’t fine.

“Sum, look at this,” Becca said, breaking me out of my thoughts. I spun around and looked at what she was showing me. It was an old torn photo of Clover, his mum and another man who must have been his dad. Clover couldn’t have been any older than four; he was smiling a toothless smile. They looked happy, his parents with their arm around each other and one hand on Clover’s shoulder. What happened to change that happy family? “Do you think his dad is still alive?”

“I don’t know,” I whispered, “But I guess we need to find that out too.”

Everything was getting a little too complicated. Neither of us had properly thought our plan through, we just knew that we had to do it. I wasn’t that naïve, I knew it wouldn’t be easy but this just seemed impossible. “At least we know he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters thought,” Becca said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

“No, we know he doesn’t have any older brothers or sisters.” I shook my head in frustration, “Let’s just keep looking for pictures and any paperwork. We can’t really be here too much longer.” I just wanted to get back home and snuggle up against Lewis.

After five minutes of rummaging through cupboards, draws and wardrobes Becca gasped and waved something around. “Summer, look at this,” she yelled in a whisper.

Looking over her shoulder, I shone the dim light on the piece of paper she was holding. It was a Clover’s birth certificate. We both smiled, we had both his parents’ full names. It didn’t look like there was anything of his dad’s in the house and the way Clover was with his own mother, I guessed he hadn’t been around for a while.

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