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The shadows flicker

Sound becomes muted

The dull aching increases to

Sharp pains from my chest

I gasp

My hand flies to my chest

Tightening and squeezing around my shirt

Fists clench and unclench

Waves of pain rear high

Drowning me into submission

I don’t see the light for a while…

Hours Later

Regaining consciousness

I roll to my side

My bedroom door still locked

The music is on

The volume is on high

I can finally breathe once again

The pain returns to a dull aching in the chest

My grips loosens

The waves turn back to painful laps

Just below my shoulders,

Waiting for the next reminder of him,

To rear high again

I throw the picture of us together

Towards the temporary garbage

Knowing I will once again put it back up in a matter of days

Another is with him right now

I can feel it

He’s cheating again

When will it ever stop?

Heartbreak is a horribly painful thing…

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