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I opened my eyes and scanned my surroundings. All of those years of watching crime movies and "The First 48", come in handy. I stand up to look for any windows, resulting in the conclusion that there's only one way out; the door.

After checking myself for injuries or bruises, I noticed a sharp pain that ran throughout my right cheek. I went over to the door which had been cracked. I opened it slowly making sure it didn't creak and stepped out into a dark hall.

"Crap", I muttered under my breath. I had no idea how to get out of this place. There were tons of doors and 2 sets of stairs.

"What's wrong love?", I hear a British accent ask. I whip around to see a guy around my age with dark brown hair and an annoying smirk on his face.

"We won't hurt you love... Do you really think we would bring you here if we wanted you dead?"

I look at the stairs that go down and back at the man who was mocking me.
I decide to listen to the part of my mind telling me to run. I sprint to the stairs and make a break for it.

"Harry!", I hear him call.

Two hands forcefully wrap around my waist when I reach the bottom of the stairs. I let out a scream but it's muffled by the stranger who stands between me and my freedom.

"Calm down", hisses a husky, deep voice that sends chills through my body. I bite the hand that's clamped over my mouth and kick my foot up backwards.


I sprint to the front door but I'm too late, another man blocks my only exit.
I let myself calm down after what seemed like hours of kicking and punching. I'm set down on a leather couch and turn to see the brown-haired boy from earlier. His hand comes off my mouth and I cross my arms over my chest. He sits down next to "Harry" and lets out a chuckle.

"Cowards is what you two are!"

"No, we're doing you a favor love", winks Harry. "Listen up Curly and Buzzcut, you are gonna let me go or I'm gonna beat you shitless." Buzzcut smiles at his nickname and turns to Curly. "My name's Liam and this is Harry."

I sit silent and stare at them.

"Okay Miss I-want-to-bite-everyone, do you know how to cook?", questions Liam.

I glare at them. Anger boils inside of me, causing me to clench my small, but very effective fists. "What do you want me to cook for you, a life?"

Harry laughs and Liam stands up slowly. "Watch your mouth."

He motions for me to follow him and walks out. I go behind him hoping that I can find an escape in here. I walk into a modern kitchen and see Liam fishing through a cabinet.

"Fuck", he says opening another cabinet.

"What are you looking for hotshot?"

"A pan for baking cookies...", he trails off.

Opening the drawer in front of me, I see exactly what he's looking for. I throw it down making a loud ringing noise throughout the room. I hop up on the counter next to the pan and smirk at the look on his face.

"What the hell?!"

"What? You wanted a cookie pan so I gave you a damn cookie pan", I replied immediately.

Liam picks up the cookie pan, shakes his head, and starts gathering the needed ingredients, reading them out of a cook-book.

After 20 minutes, he spoons the completed batter onto the pan and throws it in the oven. He leans against the counter beside me and closes his eyes. I get an idea.

I spot a straw on the counter beside me and stick it up Liam's nose.

He yelps, in a very feminine way I might add, and swats my hand away. "You fucking-"

He's cut short by Harry laughing uncontrollably. "SHE- GOT- YOU!!!!!", Harry says between laughs.

"And I'll get you too if you keep me locked up in this prison."

Liam glares at me. "Really?! What the hell was that?!" "A straw, what else?"
Liam grabs my arm and drags me up the stairs that I had attempted to escape with. He leads me into a different bedroom than before and pulls me in front of a closet.

He picks out a pair of dark-grey sweats and a purple Jack Wills sweatshirt. "Put these on and meet me downstairs. Don't try anything."

He points to a door behind me and leaves the room. I slip into the bathroom and change into the oversized clothes. I head downstairs, not having the energy to try and escape right now.

I sit down on the leather couch again and curl up under a soft blanket I find waiting for me. Harry is gone, but Liam is in the chair to the left of me. I eye him, not trusting him enough to fall asleep next to, but my eyes betray me and slowly begin to close.

Mica and my mom overtake my dreams, casting me into a deep sleep.

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