Chapter Twenty-Two: Wedding Decisions

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"I am so glad you are home," Connie Wilson said setting a drink in front of Gabriela, there was much for them to discuss and she wanted to get a head start on reorganising the wedding now that everything had settled down.

Gabriela hadn't said much about her trip and the family felt it was best pushed into the past since they had so much to do if they wanted to make this work after the earthquake last time.

The kitchen was filled with all the original plans that had been organised for the wedding; Connie doubted that much would have changed about what Gabriela wanted for her wedding day.

"We need to reorganise everything for the wedding," Connie announced sitting down herself, she smiled excited about watching her eldest daughter get married; she had been worried after what had happened last time that it wouldn't happen.

Dorothy Wilson grumbled under her breath, she had hoped for something to happen while Gabriela was away to make her see that this marriage was a mistake; she didn't like the boy that Gabriela had chosen.

There was something about him and Dorothy noticed how little respect he had for anything that Gabriela believed in; he seemed to expect her to become some perfect little house wife for him.

"Do you have any ideas when you wish to get married again?" Connie continued ignoring her mother-in-law, she was hoping that they could get everything nailed down today before Gabriela returned to work.

There was so much that needed rescheduling and Connie hoped that they would be able to make this work; it had been hard enough when they had tried to plan it last time.

Gabriela was silent as she stared at her mother, she hadn't really put much thought into reorganising her wedding not when things seemed off between her and Daniel.

Things had been a little strange between them since Gabriela had returned and she found it even harder to consider marrying him when he seemed so dismissive of what she believed in and her family traditions.

Thinking back to the original planning of their wedding, Gabriela had made so many sacrifices about the day that she had always dreamed of that she didn't even recognise it anymore.

It had been Daniel's desire to get married in some stuffy church and have such a large gathering; Gabriela had truly wanted to get married on the beach with just their close family there.

"I don't know..." Gabriela admitted softly, she looked down at her drink trying to work out what she did want now; she felt lost now after her trip and she didn't want to rush into something that she might come to regret one day.

Connie stared at her daughter not sure what to make of her admission, she had sensed that something was up but she thought that it was just relief about being back home after her trip.

A smile slowly formed on Dorothy's face as she realised that the trip might have just worked just as she had hoped; she felt relieved that Gabriela was thinking about this.

"You don't know..." Connie repeated wanting to know what Gabriela was thinking, she set down her pen not sure what would come next; she had a feeling that this wedding wasn't going to happen.

There was silence in the kitchen and Connie was relieved that Daniel wasn't here right now; he was at work and wouldn't be able to help them reorganise everything.

Gabriela nodded her head, she had so much to consider now and she felt relieved that she had the time before she did something that she might regret; the idea of marrying Daniel just didn't appeal to her anymore.


"Gabs. I'm home," Daniel called stepping into the apartment that they shared, a smile on his face and he was pleased that now when he came home that there was someone to greet him.

It had been hard for him to come home to an empty apartment and no food on the table; Daniel had missed having everything done a certain way and they could finally get back to normal with all that nonsense taken care of.

He quickly hung up his coat and moved further into the apartment only to come to a complete stop when he found Gabriela sat on the couch instead of cooking in the kitchen.

Gabriela took a deep breath trying to gather her courage, she wanted to do the right thing and she hoped that Daniel would understand where she was coming from.

"Is everything okay?" Daniel asked seeing the look on her face, he'd had a long day and he truly didn't want to deal with this now; he wanted to sit down and eat dinner without any problems.

He'd had a difficult day in court and Daniel wanted nothing more than to enjoy some quiet time with Gabriela and plan their wedding day for a second time.

"We need to talk," Gabriela insisted watching Daniel, she wasn't sure how he would take her decision but she felt confident that she was doing the right thing for them.

Gabriela didn't wish to get married only to decide in a few years that Daniel wasn't the one that she wanted; they had been together for five years and things just didn't feel right to her.

Nodding his head, Daniel moved to sit down across from her hoping that this wasn't going to take long; he could see that she hadn't made dinner and he was starving.

"How did wedding planning go? How soon will you be Mrs Garcia?" Daniel asked jumping in, he hoped they would be able to do it before the year was out and he was sure his mother would be able to help if Gabriela and Connie were struggling.

He doubted that they could count on Emma since she seemed rather distracted with her new boyfriend; Daniel couldn't believe that she was truly interested in this small-town boy.

"That's what we need to talk about..." Gabriela murmured trying not to let her nerves get the better of her, she had talked with her mother and grandmother and they had both agreed that if she was unsure then she should take time to think about this.

They wanted Gabriela to be happy and if that wasn't with Daniel then she shouldn't push herself to do something that would make her so unhappy.

"I'm not sure I'm ready to get married yet," Gabriela admitted deciding that just ripping off the band-aid was the best way to do this; she looked down at her engagement ring sure that waiting another year or so would be fine for them.

There was no true reason for them to rush into this and Gabriela just wanted to make sure she was doing the right thing; she couldn't shake the doubts that she seemed to have about them.

Her words were meant with silence and Gabriela could only guess about what was going through Daniel's mind at her decision to put their wedding plans on hold.

Daniel stared at Gabriela before he scoffed and shook his head, he should have known that she was going to do this; his friends had all warned him that this was coming and he hadn't believed them.

She had run off after what had happened and now she was trying to back out of marrying him because she had taken a fancy to some other guy.

"Of course, it's always about what you want Gabs. Never mind how much money I paid out for the last wedding that was lost," Daniel spat getting to his feet, he didn't wait for Gabriela to reply as he grabbed his coat on the way out of their apartment wanting to get away from her.

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