I stepped out of the car, William opening the door for me. He hands the keys to the valet, walking towards the entrance of the restaurant with my hand in tow. He lets go when he opens the door for me. It was an expensive restaurant that we went to, one of Williams favorite's. Even though William had a large amount of money, we didn't go out very much, tending to choose a nice movie and a bottle of wine in comfort clothes. When we did go out we chose this one, loving the atmosphere it provided. We tried to live life simply, ignoring the fact he had money. William and I had been dating for three years, meeting before my sophomore year of college and his junior year of college.  We were both in a summer class that year together and that's when he asked me out, sealing fate for us. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He was very tall, handsome, and very polished looking. He was wearing jeans and a good looking polo shirt the day I met him. Despite his money he was very down to earth. We went on many dates before we officially started dating. At first I was just looking for a friend, I had just gotten out of a horrible relationship. You see, I've always had a past with rocky relationships. I just got used to the fact and then expected them, knowing there wasn't much hope for me. I looked up at him and saw nervousness laced on his beautiful face. I put my hand in his and noticed that his hands were sweating, which was usually not like him. He was usually very calm, me being the more anxious one. He had his brown hair styled perfectly. He had natural curls and he had put a small amount of gel in them that made his curls more distinct, loving the way he styled it.

"Will, are you all right?" I asked as the door attendant opened the door, Will pulling me inside. He looked down at me with his beautiful, brown eyes, melting my heart in a puddle at my feet.

"Of course I'm all right. I just feel a little sick, that's all," he reassured me, worrying me a lot.

"We can head home and reschedule for when you feel better?" I asked him, my eyebrows bunching together in concern. I didn't want him to be out if he didn't feel well. It was a rainy summer day, making it quite chilly outside. It was the perfect weather to catch a cold. I graduated college a couple weeks ago and to celebrate he had brought me to London. We had been staying at his parents mansion. We would be heading back to the states at the end of the summer so I could look for work. He already had work though. His dad was a business man and had several buildings throughout the world and when we got back, William would be running the one there, successfully might I add. Will definitely had determination about him, setting his mind to something and pushing forward until he succeeded.

"No, I don't want to reschedule. I'm perfectly fine," he says as we walk in.

"Are you sure?" I persist, still worrying about him.

"Yes, I'm fine Riley. I promise you that I'm fine," he says, leaning down and pecking me on the lips. Every time he did that I wanted more. The most we had done in the three years we had been dating had been making out. We decided right away not to do anything. We respected each others wishes to wait until marriage.

"Mr. Evans, your table is ready for you," the waiter said. We followed him to our table. Will pulls out my seat and I sat down, loving the romantic setting. I was wearing an elegant purple cocktail dress. It is strapless so you can see my tanned shoulders. Will is wearing a black suit and a white shirt underneath. His jacket is unbuttoned and, looking absolutely dashing in it. He took the seat across from me and smiled. His smile was radiating. I couldn't get enough of that smile. His teeth were white, straight and just perfect. I had no idea how I got to be this lucky and whenever I asked him he just said the same thing to me, making me blush like a teenager again.

 I had no idea how I got to be this lucky and whenever I asked him he just said the same thing to me, making me blush like a teenager again

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