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Awoken by the flights landing, I glanced out the small window to see a beautifully large metropolitan. The sun was setting and some buildings lights were beginning to appear.

Eric was still asleep, with another magazine covering his face. As the plane descended incredibly slowly, I watched the vivid city through the glass.

We soon arrived and Eric woke up from his hibernation. After some time of waiting for the assistants to open the doors, we made it off the plane and off to baggage claim.

That took a while too, but soon enough we left in no time. Eric got a cab to leave us at a hotel.

Staring out the cab, I was incredibly fascinated by the skyscrapers that extended greatly. He driver pulled over and Eric got out the car.

The man took our luggages inside a flashy, golden, elite hotel.

St Regis

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St Regis.

"Wow." I heard myself awe. Eric laughed.

We walked in and made our way to the front desk.

The glass chandeliers glimmered high up on the tall ceiling, and the beautiful architecture of the lobby made my jaw drop.

"Welcome again, Mr. Laven. We hope to make your visit a delight. Presidential suite again, sir?" the desk man spoke to Eric with a greeting smile.


Before Eric spoke, I intruded in the conversation without thinking, "No, thank you. A regular suite will be fine."

Eric shot me a look, then sternly continued to the man, "I'm paying, so I'd like a presidential suite."

"Very well." He nodded.

"No, please just get a regular suite." I nearly pleaded Eric.

"Why do you want one so bad?" He clenched his teeth as he asked.

"Why do you?" I snapped.

"We have a Master suite which is better than the regular suite and a little less than the presidential? Would you like that instead?" The desk man offered.

I smiled, "We'll take it."

"Great." He began to type.


"I hate it already." Eric groaned as he looked around the suite.

I ignored his complaint and instead walked out to the balcony. An ocean breeze brushed against my face as I gazed across the reckless waves.

Eric stepped out as well and stood beside me.

"At least the view didn't change." he said.


I woke up in a vacant bed. Where in the world could he be?

I got up with difficulty due to the comfort of the bed. A note was propped up on the coffee table which read the following;

Get dressed, we're going to breakfast. I'll be back by 9.

I glanced at the clock placed on the wall-- 8:37. Gasp.

I jumped in the shower, then began to dress. I wore a grey long sleeve turtle neck, high waisted black skinny jeans, black booties, and topped it off with my snake skinned Versace bag Eric had bought me.

I threw on mascara and some cherry red lipstick

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I threw on mascara and some cherry red lipstick. That'll do.

The lip color made my blue eyes stand out a lot more, it looked pretty nice.

The door swung open and Eric had walked in with a rose in his hand.

"Sleeping beauty has awoken." he exclaimed like a child as he made his way towards me, planting a kiss on my freshly painted lips, and handing me the rose, "Here you go, princess."

Princess. Hmm how my heart stirred when he called me that.

The flowers color was just as vibrant as my lips, it matched.

"Let's eat, shall we?" Eric winked.

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