Chapter 1.

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Nervously linking his fingers through Liam's, he entered their house where Liam's parents were patiently waiting for them. Ruth and Nicola were both sitting with one leg over the other and Geoff and Karen were looking as eager as ever.

"You said you had some big news?" Karen confirmed and Liam nodded. "I proposed. Niall and I are engaged." Liam grinned, squeezing Nialls hand tightly which was immediately followed by an uproar of cheering. Ruth and Nicola were first to reach out for Niall, pulling at his t-shirt to hug him close while Geoff and Karen went for Liam; Geoff patting Liam on the back and Karen kissing him sweetly on the cheek.

"So how did he do it? Did he get down on one knee? Did he cry?" Nicola pressed to Niall and Niall chuckled while Liam blushed shyly. "He was actually very simple with it, Nicola." Niall assured her and a disappointed expression filled her face.

"Anyway, I gotta go Skype my parents. They'll want to hear the news too." Niall lied with a false smile and guided Liam up the stairs to the laptop in their bedroom. Liam squeezed Nialls shoulder as they say down as a comforting gesture and shuffled next to Niall on the seat.

“Niall? You said you had some good news?” Niall’s mother beamed as they appeared on the screen. Liam held hands with Niall, close together. “Yeah, uh...I just wanted to say that Liam and I…we’re engaged! We’re getting married!” Niall exclaimed excitedly. Maura stayed silent, turning his father, Bob, whose face fell. “Who proposed?” he asked gruffly and Niall held up his left hand, flashing the simply silver band that replaced the promise ring. Bob’s face fell, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Aren’t you happy?” Niall asked hopefully and Bob scoffed. “I’ve never been so disappointed in you, Niall.” He sighed and stood up, walking away from the camera and leaving Niall hopeless. Niall dropped his hand on his lap and stared at his mother. Niall gulped, feeling more depressed and miserable than ever. “Mum?” Niall questioned as he watched as his own mother was debating to follow after her husband. “I’m sorry, Niall…I’m so sorry.” She apologized and switched the camera off before calling after Bob.

Niall’s heart sank and his shoulders dropped, feeling more helpless than ever. “Niall…” Liam whispered, placing a comforting hand over Niall’s shoulder but Niall shook it off, standing up off the chair and heading over to the dressers. Liam watched as Niall rummaged through his drawers and lifted up what appeared to be a velvet box. He lifted the promise ring out of it and examined it, biting his lip. Liam continued to watch his fiancé with such curiosity, at how helpless and lost he looked. He wanted to comfort him, he really did, but Niall couldn’t even look him in the right now because of what his had said.

“Niall.” Liam said, this time a little more loudly as he stood up. Niall continued to ignore him, placing the ring back in its case and waltzing over to the bed to flop himself on it, burying his face into the pillows as he lay flat on his stomach. Liam’s heart shattered a little bit as he heard the muffled sobs from his fiancé and he went to join him, edging closer so that their arms were brushing together.

“Ni, come ‘ere.” Liam whispered, pulling the blonde lad closer to him so that he was practically lying on his chest. Niall’s sobs were louder now, since his head was out of the pillow and tears spilled rapidly onto Liam’s chest, making his t-shirt damp but he didn’t mind. Liam stayed silent as he knew that no words would make Niall feel better and he watched as Niall hiccupped himself into silence, his sobs muffled and dying out into his t-shirt.

“Liam?” Niall croaked after a few seconds of silence and Liam only hummed back. “Know what I miss?”


“I miss the whole…teacher/student secret dating thing. It was exciting. Everything was new and exhilarating…it made high school so much easier. You made high school easier. That’s why I love you. Well, one of the reasons. I miss all the secrets. The sneaking around, trying to avoid other teachers…it was interesting.” Niall sighed and Liam was surprised by the sudden change of conversation.

“So…you want to go back to high school?” Liam asked doubtfully and Niall’s eyes widened. “God, no! That’s silly. No, point is, without you…my life would be hell. I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else other than you…that’s why I’m marrying you. Whether my dad likes it or not.” Niall confirmed firmly and Liam beamed.

“Good. Because as much as I love calling you my fiancé, I still wanna call my husband even more.” Liam replied shyly and Niall smiled back, kissing Liam quickly before falling asleep shortly after that.


Hey guys. Here's chapter one, as promised on New Years. I know it's short, but it will get better...I promise! Dedicated to NiamNerd for the awesome cover she made (which will be up soon) so thank you so much! And thank you much for all the great feedback and I'm getting so far, and that's just the prologue! Wow! Hope I get more feedback on the first chapter, thank you so much again guys, glad you're all liking the sequel. And Happy New Year! Hope you all have a good one! Xxx

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