Monsters Inside Us - Part 2

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I felt a pull.

Not like someone physically grabbing me, no one could do that except Annabeth. It was more of a feeling, think someone trying to pull your mind out if your head, but less painful. I followed the feeling, the pull, I already knew what this was. It was the same thing I always got dragged into.

The scene swirled around me violently and the forceful colored movements made my head swarm. When the images stabilized, I didn't know what to think. It was dark, to dark. The only light came from the partially covered windows, bathing the room and a dull yellow glow.

The room itself was strange, no not the room, the room was a normal broken down apartment. It had a sickly shade of green peeling paint and a brown rugged floor that looked so filthy that it may have previously white. A normal Gotham apartment, but not a normal Gotham resident inside.

In the image a tall man stood facing the window with a ridged controlled posture. He wore a golden cloak, not yellow, golden and it reflected the filtered light coming through to where it shined in the darkness, glowing. His face was concealed by a hood that made shadows dance around the bottom half of his features.

He looked like he should be in a castle and ruling a country with that outfit, yet he was in a crummy apartment in an unnamed place. The man continued to stare at the curtained window as I observed him, his posture a practiced ridged stance like he never relaxed.

The unnamed man slowly turned his form around in my direction, he stared at me like he knew I was there. It was a bit unnerving, and by I 'a bit' I mean a crap ton. The man had golden eyes, not light brown, but golden with flakes of a darker gold. It was as if someone had melted down the metal and poured them into molds, the golden eyes. These eyes were strange indeed, but unnerving. His gazed pierced through you, evil eyes that seemed to hold malicious intent. They held a sadistic gleam like he was waiting for me to arrive, it chilled me to the bone.

My breath quickened and you could see the fear in my wide eyes. This guy was looking me right in the eye, he knew I was there. He smirked almost as sadisticly as his eyes when I my face morphed into panic.

"I know your there Perseus." He mused and his smile widened as I gulped. His voice was deep almost like Batman's but less gravelly, I was smooth and held a twinge of amusement from my state. It may have held amusement but it also streamed dark intent and had a creepy tint. His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I was frozen for a second before my brilliant mind broke out of its frozen state and resorted to mean remarks and snarky comebacks.

"Get the dip Asslock." I replied sending the man a glare. He chuckled darkly and I froze at the sound, he knew that he was getting to me. I wouldn't let him.

"You are a lot like your father." The man inquired with the same twisted humor. "Always fought with his words, all bark and no bite." Anger boiled inside me the longer he taunted me, but that just made him grin wider. "Good thing he was muzzled when I killed the bitch." He smirked widely at my shocked expression.

I-it was this man who killed my father. He was standing in front of me.... coming closer. He walked to the place in front of where I stood and loomed over my form that was frozen in fear with glee. I tensed even more as he leaned down my level on the left side of my face.

"We would sure hate it if history repeated itself." He spoke the warning in my ear and I shivered in fear as his foul breath hit my neck. I only let out one snarky snarky comment before high tailing it out of my mind.

"I would hate it if you were to not get a breath mint, I guess we're even." I retorted spitting in his face. "See you never creepy bastard, now go crawl in a ditch and die." Totally PG.

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