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I scoffed at him and narrowed my watery eyes at him. "Yeah, I'm leaving." I spun around and slammed his office door and advanced to the front door of the house.

Little did my mate know is that I actually was leaving to go get Ella back, with or without him.

Nightfall came quicker than I anticipated. The darkness hugged the forest casting a haunting vibe. The trees were tall and looked like shadows. The animals were quite that night, they didn't speak to one another as anxiously as normal. They too knew something was happening.

I haven't heard any of Jay's patrol. I was sure he didn't even notice my dissapearance.

I continued to jog through the woods to get to the location. The moon wasn't at her fullest which told me it wasn't midnight but I knew that I didn't have much time if I wanted to save everyone I cared about. I ran and ran until I finally reached my old territory. I was surprised to find out that it had yet to be claimed. I couldn't detect any markings, any smell of wolf that was new, the only smell of wolf was stale maybe three or four days old. It was most likely a rogue passing through. The land was fairly large and was good hunting grounds which is why it shocked me so much that it wasn't claimed.

I sat on a large, grey rock and waited for my mothers arrival. It felt like hours when I finally heard low whispering and footsteps. I jumped off the rock and stood tall as I stared into the black night. My mother appeared with Ella in her arms. Ella had what appeared to be a rag tied in her mouth to keep her from screaming. My heart begin to beat rapidly as I saw the young girl in the monsters arms. A side I never knew existed came over me, I wanted to protect the young child from my mother. I wanted my child to be in my arms. It was in that moment that my wolf and I no longer saw Ella as my cousins daughter, we saw her as our daughter.

"Emma, so glad you could make it." My mother said as she shifted my pup in her arms.

"Let my pup go." My wolf took over me and growled lowly at the woman who holds our young.

"Not happening, I will give you the child once you give me your word that you will lead this pack I have assembled for you. I want this pack to be the best and I know you can do that." My mother said as she looked deep into my eyes.

"What happened to you?" I asked bewildered. I wanted to know what caused my mother to switch up on me, to change, to become insane!

"Nothing, I just got tired of being weak and pathetic." My mother said while smiling brightly.

I looked into my mothers eyes and saw them glossed over, not the way they gloss when we mind link, the way when someone isn't all there. I then realize my mother really did loose her sanity and is now insane. She's psychotic, and she can't help it.

"Mom, you need help." I mumbled while looking at my mother with sympathy seeping off my body like tidal waves.

My mother narrowed her eyes at me. "No, you need help!" My mother set Ella beside a wolf who growls at me as I watch my child cry hysterically. Caught off guard I nearly missed my mother barreling towards me. She suddenly stops when the sound of thunderous paws hit the forest floor. I smile in relief knowing that Jay and his pack figured out I was gone.

As fast as lightening, wolves crash into the clearing with teeth baring. Jay's wolves attacked the other wolves that my mother assembled and blood began to spill. My mother looked bewildered as she watched her wolves get slaughtered. Then, as the coward she was she bolted. I, being her daughter anticipated this and began to go after her. She needed help, and I was the only one who could help her.

My mother was easy to catch for she was slower due to her age. I grabbed her arm and yanked her back. My eyes were piercing into hers as I got close to her face and snarled. "Mom! You need to let me help you."

My mother shakes vigorously in my grip which only causes me to tighten my hold on her. "Let me go!"

"Not until you agree to help." I seethed as she tried kicking me.

"Fine." My mother sighs in defeat and her body goes limp.

I nod in satisfaction and let go of her. I spun around only to stop mid-way when I heard her voice.

"You think it's me who needs help yet you're the one who's going off to live with the monster who killed her father?" I spin around and glare harshly at my mother.

"Father wasn't a good man! No, he didn't deserve to die but he shouldn't be given justice when he broke the rules." I said through gritted teeth.

My mother sends daggers at me. "He was your father! How could you betray him like that?"

"I'm not betraying him. You did though. Father loved nothing more than his pack and you let his daughter, your daughter rule a pack when it should've been you! You weren't there for me when I needed you. I had no time to mourn for my father, I was forced into the position before I could even blink. Yet, you were nowhere but your cave of pity. I think all that pity went to your head." I sneered in pure rage.

My mother growled lowly at me. "I loved your father and you, you both betrayed me."

I grow tired of her and turn around to leave her. She can't be helped, she just doesn't get it.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps racing me and before I could turn around and defend myself a battle roar is echoed.

I hear a loud snarl and a whimper that made me spin around faster than the speed of light. I turned to see my mother laying underneath a wolf, a wolf that looked all too familiar. My mothers eyes were open but frozen, the wolf killed her but something was shiny in her hands. I felt my heart crumple for my mother, she is the most difficult woman but she birthed me, she taught me so much. She is and always will be my mother despite all her flaws. Tears roll down my face as I process her death. I then notice the wolf and suddenly my heart stops and all I can focus on is him.I ran to the wolf who was in the middle of shifting back to its human form.

His body revealed to me and then his face. I nearly choked on air when I saw him. "Hey Maddi cat." Rowan coughed while speaking. His voice was quite and hoarse.

"Rowan!" I exclaimed while tears rolled down my face.

"Maddi, I wanted you to know that I love you, I always have and I always will. But you and I weren't destined in the stars, maybe in another life but not this one. I need you to understand that you were always my number one." Rowan spoke quietly. I could tell that he didn't have much longer.

"Rowan what happened?" I exclaimed in confusion.

"Wolfsbane laced knife." He choked out. His eyes were slowly closing and his heart was beating slower. I knew he was dying more rapidly than I anticipated.

"Rowan, I love you please don't do this." I cried into my best-friends chest. We've been through everything together. Fights, torments, tainted love. Yet, above all he's my best-friend.

Rowan chuckled sadly and pushed me up so he could look me in the eye. "You'll be okay in time. One day we will meet again, I promise. I promised you I would protect you until my last breath and I fulfilled that promise."

With that, Rowan's eyes closed and his heart beat became nonexistent.

'Goodbye Rowan'

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