Actions Speak Volumes.

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"I don't have any intentions other than making her happy."

His words make my heart skip a beat, my hands go to my mouth. Chase's eyes move to mine, in silent understanding he strides across the room to me. Despite my brother standing feet away, Chase looks confident, his arm wraps around my shoulder when he reaches me, pulling me into
his side. I stare at him in awe, momentarily forgetting my brother, Chase smiles and looks towards Vic. I dare to glance at Vic, afraid of what I'll see exactly, but his posture has visibly relaxed. I release a breath. It's going to be okay, I think to myself.

The front door opens, "Vic?" the female voice calls out. A second later, Melissa appears in the dining room, looking fresh from work, placing a brown bag on the table. "Oh hey," she pauses and looks around, "Everything okay?"

Vic's face lights up when he sees her, "Yeah, everything's good. V and Chase wanted to share some news with us." He holds out his arm for her, and she moves into it, her head tilted back waiting for a kiss, which Vic gives. Her gaze moves to us, "Oh yeah?"

I smile at her.

"So it's official then?" she asks.

"You knew?" Vic says loudly looking down at Melissa.

"No, not officially." she shrugs her shoulders, "But I noticed at the lake. They're smitten." She smiles wide towards Chase and I.

Vic shakes his head, "I don't know how I missed it." he sighs, "Well then.." He looks at us, and takes a step forward, causing Melissa to do the same. His hand moves out to Chase, who returns the gesture, "If she's going to be with anyone, I'm glad it's you. I know you're an honorable guy, and you know that I'll kick your ass if you hurt her." I move forward quickly and wrap my arms around Vic, from behind me Chase speaks up, "If I hurt her, I will come to you, so you can kick
my ass."

It's all okay.

The tension completely evaporates, as Melissa moves from the room and into the kitchen. "I bought some food for tonight, but we can save it and go out instead?" she yells.

Vic looks at the two of us, "Let's go out."

I feel so elated, like I'm on top of the world.

"So why haven't you told Vance yet?"

and I fell right off that world.

I move into the living room, taking a seat on their red plush couch. Chase follows, taking a seat next to me, Vic sitting in the love seat across from us. "Well," I start. "Out of you all, Vance seems to be the most protective. You're not around as much, and you have Melissa, I thought you'd understand the most." I tell him honestly.

He nods, and glances towards the kitchen, Melissa is visible through the pass-through opening. "I'll admit, I probably wouldn't have been so understanding had I not met Melissa. I get how telling me was such a big deal." He looks at me, "You know her father's my boss, we took a
risk by being together, I could have lost my job. She walked into the office, and I instantly wanted to get to know her. She is so different from any girl that I've ever seen. I immediately asked her out, I didn't even know that she was Greg's daughter. It wasn't until weeks later when I found out. She didn't want to tell me, she was scared to." Melissa came to sit next to Vic, I watched him grab her hand and look at her. It was a side of Vic I've never seen. It made me admire him so much more than I already did. "It worked out for the best." He kissed the side of her head gently. I look away, to give them their moment only to find Chase looking at me.

"What?" I whisper. He doesn't say anything, just continues his staring, his mouth slowly turning into a beautiful smile. He moves forward to capture my lips, I gasp in surprise at his bold move in front of my oldest brother.

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