the little pink plus...~zak bagans love story <3~

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Heyyyy this is a zak bagans pregnacey story.....there's one charter. Hailey carson ~zaks girlfriend~ well here ya go :)


Chapter 1

"Zak!" I called from in the bathroom

"Yea?" He yelled while walking in, he leaned up aginst the door way I sigh tears we in my eyes

"I'm sorry" I whisper looking down he walks over to me lifting up my head making me look at him, tears we falling and he looked woried

"What is it hail?" I had to tell him ehy did this happend?!

"I...I...iam pr-pruganut zak" I studder he looks at me with a small smile whiping my tears he hugged me

"Shhh its fine"

"Your not mad?"

"Why would I be? Your having my baby" he let go looking at me. Smiling.

"I love you" I whisper

"I love you to hail"

Me and zak have benn dating for almost 3 years, I have been with GA for 5. Nick was my cuzin, we always been realy close, he was 2 years older then me, I loved nick and arron arron was like my brother I couldent lie to him.

I walk intoo the kitchen were nick sat on the conter and nick at the table eating

"He hailey" aaron said with his mouth full. I laugh

"He aaron" I wave he smiles

"Nick, can I tell you something?" He nods I had to tell my cuzin first he would like that

"I am prugnaut nick" I whisper his mouth droped he graved me in a hug

"My little cuz is growing up" I laugh

"Whatever nick" he let go

"When did you find out how long are you?"

"I just found out like 10 minutes ago I don't know if I really am the test had a smily face on it sooo ya still have to get cheaked" he noded

"I'm going to tall nick" I rolled my eyes

"Ooo have fun" he patted me on the back I laugh

"Yo aaron!"

"Sup carson" I laugh and sat down next to him

"I am haven a kid" I said plugging my ears he's gonna yell

"OMYGOD OMYGOD OMYGOD!!!!" He screamed I smiled how did I know aaron kept screaming omygod

Zak walked up to me and wraped his arm aroound my waist

"Tell him" I nodd

"Yup" he laughs


"Of course" I look at him with a smile, he gentaly kissed me on the lips

"I love you" I hugged him

This all happend over a little pink plus.




Sooooo not the best lol

~kayla t

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