My 2013 Wattpad Review

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So many things happened to me on 2013.

I joined Wattpad this year, and it was one of the greatest thing I decided to do.

So many great stories I got to know, that led me to get to know so many amazing writers that became my great friends.

This year I also started writing again.

You see, I wrote fanfics on tumblr back in the days, they were suck by the way, and I stopped writing at 2011.

And after I joined wattpad, I started writing.

Lost 'H'... Man, I had the idea of a homeless girl for a while before I started, and I decided to give it a shot. Never ever in my life I'd imagine Lost 'H' would get this much attention! Over 4K reads and 200 votes! It got me really shocked and happy to know there are people who liked my story. And getting all of you guys's comments were just warming up my heart.

Meanwhile writing Lost 'H', I also started writing one shots, who also got so many attention over here! Over 5K by this time, quarter to midnight, quarter to the new year of 2014, (at least here in Israel), and your comments still never failed to make me smile.

I also got to experience TMJT and London, and wrote a journey about that, that you all was happy to cooperate and read it!

And now, when my fanfic Heart Kidnapper is getting attention as well, I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing year of creating, reading, happiness, sadness, tension... Thank you for your support in me and my stories!

I hope my imagination will keep entertain you at 2014 as well.

Inbar <3

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