Living with a hot criminal my Mom wants to rehabiltate Part 2

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I tossed and turned most of the night still trying to get to terms with the fact that a convicted murderer was living under the same roof. I was worried about my Mom. She was the sweetest nicest person in the whole wide world and I didn't want Mr Anti socail behaviourtrying to take advantage over her. Since my Dad ran off with his 25 year old private assitant and it was just me and Mom. I had helped her through the depression of the divorce while Trina who couldn't cope moved out with Trevor. I did not need some asshole coming in here disrupting our home just when everything was settling down again.

I sighed and decided to give up on the idea of sleep. I grabbed my dressing gown and pulled it around my silk nightie and pushed my feet into my bunny slippers and made my way dlownstairs. I was flicking through the DVDs we owned when I heard the front door slam. I jumped to my feet...who was coming into my house at 3:30 in the morning. I tip toed to the front door nervously and could just make out Rays dark sillouette as he got into his Hummer. No one was coming in, he was going out at this time. I didn't even hesitate as soon as he pulled away I ran for my convertable mini copper and speed after him. I was going to find something on him that would get him kicked out of my house and back in prison where he could rot for all I cared.

I followed his Hummer a safe distance behind for 40 mins till he pulled into Meadowview Court. Don't let the name fool you this was known for being the roughest neighbourhood around. Figure he would come here I thought to myself and now I was going to have to follow him in to the hell hole in a silk nightie, dressing gown and fluffly bunny slippers no doubt.

I tip toed behind him, trying to stay in the shadows till we came to what seemed to be a factory of some sort. From the obnoxious dance music pumping from the building I could guess there was some kind of rave happening inside. I watched Ray let himself in. I looked dwon at my my dressing gown. I couldn't wear that in there. Maybe the nightie could pass as some kind of dress but the dressing gown had to go and the slippers as well, I would look slightly more normal in bare feet, if anyone asked I could say my shoes had hurt me, girls were always doing that at clubs. Slipping out of the dressing gown and giving one last sad little look at my bunny slippers who looked like lonesome little twin critters in the bush I had left them in I followed Ray into the rave. I shuddered when I got inside, the place was filled with smoke and everyone was painted in glow in the dark neon pink and green body paint. When dj scooter start blaring from the speakers I decided there was a good chance I was actually in hell. Then I spotted Ray he was going upstairs with 3 other guys flanking him. I darted through the crowd pushing people out of me way and crept up behind him. They all went into a room on the left and I watched the door swing closed. Shit I thought no way I can follow them in there. Maybe I can still listen in.

I pressed my ear to the door and strained as I heard voices. "Ray that will be 200 pound, thats real crystal you know". I gasped...he was buying something, probaly drugs I fumed, realy crystal? like crystal meth maybe? I knew he would be trouble. Just then a pair of hands on my waist snapped back into reality. "Well what have we got here, are you a little lost baby the party is down stairs" I turned to find myself face to face with what looked like king of all chavs. He was tall and skinny and smelled of B.O. in a dirty adidas tracksuit and some mangy looking runners. He had greasy black hair and a mustache if you could call it that, really it was few strands it had probaly taken him forever to cultivate on his ugly acne ridden face.

"You are a pretty one aren't you?" he said blowing smoke into my face. I brushed it away with my hand and pushed past him "Not in this lifetime pal" I told him. He grabbed me from behind and pulled me roughly back tangling a hand in my hair. I flinched and felt panic start to creep up. "Let me go" I told him my voice shaking. he realised my hair but threw me up against the wall. "Looks like you are all dressed for bed you can come to mine" he said stepping closer to me. He turned his head to kiss me. I pushed him away "Get away from me!" I shouted. He smirked "don't be like that baby I just want a kiss" he leaned in again and I slapped him hard in the face. For a second he looked stunned but then his eyes narrowed and he raised his fist. I closed my eyes waiting to tell the impact but there was nothing. I opened my eyes just in time to see King chavs head come flying for the wall beside me as Ray held on to the back of his neck. I shuddered at thud it made connecting with the wall and he crumpled into a heap on the floor.