Piano Lessons (Adrien)

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Age: 17-18


You push the doorbell that was from the Agreste Mansion. It rings and immediately, a camera comes out of the wall.

"Who is it?" A female voice questions. You assumed that it was Natalie, obviously.

You smile a bit. "Hey, Nat, I'm here for Adrien. Is he home?"

"Y/N," she says your name, you could almost hear the joy in the tone. "Adrien is practicing. You can come inside."

The gate opens. "Thanks, Natalie." The camera disappears as you step inside. The walk inside took time, since it was a mansion after all. You open the door and saw Natalie waiting for you.

"The piano room is  by the corner just before Adrien's room," she reminds you.

You start to rush up the stairs. "Thanks again, Nat!"

You were quick to remember the directions to the said room. As you approach closely, you can hear the piano keys as it creates a perfect melody.

Your feet slowly glide across the hall and peek a bit by the small window. Then there he was. Adrien Agreste. Your boyfriend of just 3 months.

After the song stop, Adrien looks down. You see his instructor frowning at him as well, his finger swatting everywhere. Seeing this, also made you frown as you feel bad for the boy.

You then see the instructor mouth the words along with the lines of "15" and "break". He then rush outside the room.

You look at the direction of where he went, and when the coast was clear, you tip-toed towards the room where Adrien was in.

He was starting to play another piece, when you suddenly clap out of nowhere.

"Bravo, bravo!" You applause more dramatically, with an Italian-or-so-like accent. "10 out of 10!"

Adrien chuckles. "I didn't know you'd come."

"You kidding?" You raise an eyebrow. "I told you yesterday."

"Right, I forgot."

You grin. "That was beautiful, by the way."

"What, the song?" You nod. Adrien sighs. "That's not what the instructor thinks."

"What? Why didn't he like it?"

He shrugs. "He thinks I'm a bit dull and dead..."

"Oh. Well, are you?"

His emerald eyes, looks to you. And he's right, he's dull, like his eyes. "I just... thought of my mom." He looks down. You stay silent. "I-I'm sorry," Adrien begins. "I-I shouldn't be like this."

You cut him off. "No, no! It's completely fine, Adrien. It's normal to feel that way, but if you need someone, I'm always here."

Adrien smiles at you, but it doesn't reach his eyes. You smile back. You then look down as your fingers skim through the piano keys.

(Play the video above, plss!!!)

You press a few keys, and it creates a beautiful sound. Adrien starts to follow you, as he plays on the left side of the piano, while you play by the right side.

With this, you created a perfect harmony. Adrien remembers his mom, as you remember the troubles you went through; the storms... and how you went through all of it, with the help of your family-- your loved ones. Your friends. How it occurs to you that they were there with you the whole time.

You fingers press the keys with much passion, as if they're moving on their own.

Finally, you and Adrien pulled away after the both of you pressed the last key to end the song.

You open your eyes that you didn't notice were closed. You look at Adrien's teary eyes. You wipe it away as you saw the life once again. You smile at him, he did the same.

You glance at his lips. Though you're only three months dating, you imagine the thought of kissing him.

With the closeness, you hear him mumble. "Y/N," he whispers.


"I really like you."

You lean towards him. "I really like you too." You pull him in a tight embrace, in hopes of giving him strength to carry on. "...what did I do to deserve you?" You ask after a moment.

"Pretty sure I'm the one who should be asking that question." Adrien pulls away and holds your face in his hands. "Y/N,"


"I want to kiss you."

You blink. "R-right now?"

He leans forward. "Yeah," he says before closing the distance. You pour in your love for each other, hoping that your relationship will blossom for a long time, that no matter how small or big the problem is, you'll always be there to help each other.

You pull away. "It's already 15 minutes, where's your instructor?"

Adrien shakes his head as he laughs. "I don't care." He leans forward, eager to kiss you again.


an idea i just thought to make this book starting!!

dw though, for the ppl who requested , i'll get it to you ! i just need more vacant time to write it



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