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Jin knocked slightly, causing Yoongi to look up from his work.
He really enjoyed the silence down here.
"Need my help?" He asked, putting down the sculpting tool.
Jin shook his head, smiling kindly.
"Don't worry , I'm good. I actually wanted to ask you something"

"Go ahead."

"What was that boy doing here yesterday?" He leaned against the doorframe while talking.
"I just remembered that I forgot to ask you that yesterday"

Yoongi scratched the back of his neck, quickly thinking about an excuse. But then he realized that it made no sense. Jin would totally understand.

"I offered him to make a doll for him"

He raised an eyebrow "Is he paying you?"

"No he's not"

"And how is he going to pay back?"

"He doesn't have to"

"Ohh... wasn't expecting this to come from you. You normally never do things for others as long as there's no reward."

Yoongi sighed, rubbing his temples.
"I just think it's unfair that all the girls get what they want just because they were born girls."

"You're right."

"I thought about doing it the old way tho."

"What do you mean?"

"Let him watch, letting him decide on decisions I would normally do subconsciously, make him help me. You know? So it'll be his doll when we're done"

Jin took a deep breath and let out a sigh.
"Sounds good. I wish I could bring back that tradition too, but I feel like the girls are not even interested in the dolls they just-"

"They're interested in you" Yoongi said with a smirk.

Jin laughed slightly.
"My beauty won't last long, I should start making money with my work not depending on the hormones of young girls"

"But this shop isn't your main thing isn't it?"

"Yeah , but I might have to close the shop to concentrate on my big offers that make the most money, you know?"

"I know, that's why I'm here"

"Yeah but to fully concentrate on my work you should take over the whole shop, understand? Than you'd have to deal with those girls"

"I already you that I'm willing to do this, Jin."

"I know , but I want you to get used to the whole thing before we make huge changes , yeah?"

Yoongi nodded and waited a few seconds before starting on his doll again, since the conversation seemed to be over.

"My wife invites you for dinner tonight. But I'd recommend to go groshery shopping before the weekend, so you have something to eat. And trust me , you don't want to fight over food with old ladies on Saturdays"

Yoongi chuckled.
"Yeah, don't worry. I've a few hours before Jimin's school is over"

"Oh ... he's coming over today?"

"Yeah we're starting today"

Jin smiled one last time and left the room, leaving Yoongi alone with his work.

(Maybe you didn't notice what I said last chapter, i will use female pronouns for Jimin as long as he identifies as one, but since he's genderfluid it will change again)

Jimin entered the shop the third time, somehow already familiar with the strange smell. A smile an her face she looked around, peeking around the shelves, her eyes searching for Yoongi.
But she found only Jin , as always sitting in his small crafting room.
He gave her a big smile.

"He's in the basement"

Yoongi was already waiting.
Jimin held up the plastic bag.

"Can I change before we start?"
She pulled out one of the delicate skirts.

"Well I don't want you to ruin your pretty clothes... but we won't start with anything practical today ... so yeah go ahead"

He turned around, trying to give Jimin the most private space he could give her in this small room.

Jimin somehow gained so much confidence because of the talk with Taehyung , that she literally just pulled up her shirt, exposing her bare chest before Yoongi could even finish his sentence.

The men couldn't hold back and watched Jimin change into his girls clothes, he did it unobtrusive tho.

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