I remember we're with other people and quickly put myself together. "Ok you lot, considering I'll never be allowed in Wal-Mart again, lets head home shall we?" louis starts to fake cry and Harry holds him in his arms. I have to say, if I didn't love Harry so much, him and Louis would be perfect for each other. We make our way to the entrance, and we split up to our seperate cars. Olivia and Grace get in their car just fine, but on the other side of the parking lot things aren't going so well. "But I called shotgun!" Louis screams. "Well tough luck carrot boy, I was here first!" Liam shouts. As I approach the car, they're all screaming for me. "Lex of Chex, would you please explain to Liam that if you call shotgun, YOU GET SHOTGUN!" 

Does he ever use an inside voice? 

"Sorry Lou, but you got it on the way here. According to my mother's rules, it's Liam's turn.

Louis crosses his arms, pouting as he makes his way to the back. "don't worry boo bear, i still love you." Harry says, giving him a peck on the cheek. To. Freaking. CUTE! I turn on the radio, and Sexy and I Know it starts blasting from the car. Soon we're all doing the sprinkler and shaking our butts to the beat. At the red light, i turn around to see Harry unbuckle his seatbelt and do the wiggle dance. "Well done Hazza."I attempt to make a sexy face once the chorus comes on, but only manage to get mock replies from the boys. 

Louis: If your trying to seduce me, it isn't working. 

Harry: that was seducing, i assumed she was trying to be an aardvark. 

Liam: guys go easy on her, but i must say, my sexy face is loads better. 

He flashes a sexy smirk my way.

"So Lex, tell us more about you. Besides the fact that you have unicorn underwear and the greenest eyes I've ever seen." Lou states, causing laughter from Harry and Liam. I really hate that boy sometimes. "Well lets see, I love photography, art, and singing- though i'm not very good at any--"

harry butts in. "Are you kidding me? You're amazing!" i feel my face get hot. My eyes focus on the road. "Really?" "He's not lying, you've got some chops." lou tousles my hair. "Are you talking about in the forrest/ i was crying and-"

"SING FOR US!!" they all shout, causing the car to lurch. "*Sigh* I guess I can't say no."

"There's a fi-re, starting in my heart. Re-ACH-ing a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark."

Their mouths are agape, a real eerie effect in the moonlight that's casting it's way into the car. "What?" "Nothing......" their voices go into hushed whispers, i catch little glimpses here and there.

".........really good....... not what i expected....should we?.....carrots!...."

I brush it off. Surely they're not talking about me. I wipe hair from my face, thinking about how amazing it would be to sing with them. a happy grin is slapped on my face the whole ride home.

Soon enough we're back at the house, waiting for the others to arrive. "We still haven't figured out which one you like, can you pweeeeeaaasssseee give us a hint." "ok," I reply, "Well they're a boy, they have hair and a face, they're in a widly popular boy band..." but i get cut off, all 3 boys tackle me onto the couch and proceed to tickle me.

The door opens.  

"Woah, what is happening in here!" 

"Get a room you lot!" 

"She's especially ticklish on her hips you know." nina adds.

Friends, love but sometimes wish the would shut up.  

Zayn's the last one to enter. 


Everyone bursts into a laughing fit. Soon my sides begin to ache and i leave the room. Only to be followed by Harry. 

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