Sing Off

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(Olivia's POV)

All three of us get out of the car and head up to Liam's front door. Kayla knocks.

"I'll be right there!" We hear a woman's voice say. A tall girl with pink hair answers the door. She is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with a pink heart in the middle. Her hair is a nice medium length and down, lightly curled at the ends.

"You must be the new girlfriends! I'm Perrie, please come in." She says while we step into Liam's house. It's not a huge house but it's still amazing. We walk into the kitchen and everyone is there. "Look who was at the door," Perrie sing talks to Niall, Louis, and Harry. All three boys get up and come over to us, Niall to Kayla, Harry to Kaleigh, and Louis to me. All three of us kiss.

"Get a room!" I hear a familiar voice yell, Liam.

"Oh, fuck off!" Niall says. Everyone laughs and then Niall continues. "Guys, this is Kayla, Olivia, and Kaleigh. Girls well, you know our names. Oh, and that's Perrie and...where is Sophia?" we nod. 

"Hello, nice to meet you," Kayla says.  They all say hello in response and Liam says something. "Nice to meet you, all of you, please make yourself at home. Sophia, who's my girlfriend, went to the store to buy more beer and popcorn. She should be back any minute." Just then a tall brunet wearing a black flowey dress and white high heels walks into the kitchen, Sophia.

"Hey babe, this is Kayla," He says pointing to her. Kayla nods and says hello. "This is Kaleigh," He says pointing to her. She smiles and says "nice to meet you."  "And last but not least this is Olivia," he says pointing to me. I smile "Nice to meet you Sophia."

"Nice to meet you two girls. I hope you like beer and popcorn, I got a ton!" she says while coming over to hug each of us.

"OK, I'll make the popcorn! You go find a place to sit." Liam says and we all head to the living room. Louis grabs my hand and guides me there. We pick to sit on the love seat. "Can I get you girls anything?" Louis asks. "Can I have a beer? Me three!" My sisters and I say. "OK! Be right back." With that he is off. A few minutes later he is back. "Thank you!" we all say in unison.

"We are going to watch Pitch Perfect, is that OK?" Sophia asks. We all nod.

(Kayla's POV)

Niall and I are sitting on the floor with two pillows and a blanket. The movie is amazing and we all laugh several times. It just got to the riff off and I love this part! Just then the "songs about sex" part starts. Niall and all the boys stand up and start to sing. All the girls are in shock, including me.

Niall: "And I guess its just the woman in you

That brings out the man in me

I know I can't help myself

You're all in the world to me"

All the rest of the boys then jumped in: "It feels like the first time

It feels like the very first time

It feels like the first time.."

I don't know what got into me but I jump up and start singing the next part. All the guy's faces are shocked and Niall is extreamly shocked.

Me: "It's going down, fade to Blackstreet

The homies got at me collab' creations

Bump like acne, no doubt

I put it down, never slouch

As long as mr credit could vouch

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