Making It Official

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"Then let Justin choose what he wants."I said.

"Fine."Liyah mumbled.

I sat back down.

"Truth or dare?"Liyah asked.

"Truth."Justin said as he sat up.

Justin's POV

"Ok, Justin is it true that you have feelings for Tia?"Liyah asked.

I looked at Tia and her eyes were literally popping out of her head.

I felt my cheeks get extremely hot.

Please don't tell me I'm blushing.

"AWWW HE'S BLUSHING!!!"Liyah screamed.

I looked down at the islands counter.

"Can I change it to dare, please?"I asked as I felt my cheeks get hotter.

"No lad you have to answer this one!"Niall yelled.

"C'mon it's bad enough my cheeks are on fire here!"I said as I laughed.

"We don't care just answer the damn question!"Liam yelled as he laughed.

"Fine. Maybe."I said as I scratched the back of my head.

"I can tell she likes you because she's blushing so you two should go out!"Liyah squealed.

"We just can't do that!"Tia said.

"And why the hell not?"She asked in a pissed tone.

"Because we would be moving to fast."I added.

"Exactly."Tia agreed as she batted her eyelashes.

Man, this girl is breathtaking.

Tia's POV

I looked over and saw Justin staring at me I guess he didn't notice me staring back ,then he started staring at my lips.

For some reason I felt like being a tease, so I licked my lips and bit my bottom lip.

Once he noticed my actions he looked back up at me.

"I'm talking, and you two aren't even listening because you two are to busy flirting!"Louis said.

"Huh?"Me and Justin said as we broke our gaze.

"We weren't flirting."Justin said annoyed.

"You two minus well kiss and say its official."Zayn said.

"Haha very funny."i said sarcastically.

Then I stood up, and walked out of the kitchen, and ran up the large amount of stairs.

Then I went into my room.

*Later On That Day*

I was still in my room texting Pam on my phone when someone knocked on my door.

I got up and walked across the room to open the door.

As soon as I opened the door Justin crashed his lips on to mines.

I was a little taken back , but eventually I kissed back.

Soon we broke from the kiss.

I just stared at him in confusion.

"Sorry, I've had an urge to kiss you ever since you licked your lips and bit your bottom lip."Justin panicked.

"Friends don't kiss."I replied.

"Sorry."he replied with a weak smile.

Then we both sat on my bed.

Then,Harry ,Zayn and Niall rudely interrupted.

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