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Alright so I changed my username again sorry <_> for anyone who ever tries to get in to contact with me i've gone from Caitlyn_TWD to Caitlyn_mcr to AlanAshbysKitten now. Ummm I don't know about Izzy but I am getting bored with this fic. I probably will update something eventually but atm. I barely even have time for my own fics so yeah, sometimes i'm not even on wattpad for ages. Uhh I have exams again and next year i'm gonna have way too many to handle. So yeah I use twitter more then anything lately. I'm pretty done with this fic tho. But I can't believe we've gotten to 97K that's more then I thought we'd ever get. So thank you so much. AlanAshbysKitten that's the link to my profile. Talk to me over there, I don't get comment notifications that's all.

K bye guys!

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