Eilatan's POV

I was out in the barn with Rain Fire and Anilec this morning at 5am. I couldn't sleep. Yes I was in Akoba's arms last night because he brought me my horse and I felt bad for attacking him. I mean yes that was a couple weeks ago but I mean its sort of an excuse for both of us but can you blame me? And I am still really grateful and sorry. Grateful for my horse well horses now, plural, Yay! And sorry because I attacked him and he almost smacked his head on the floor. I also got him really dirty when I knocked us over. But either way, we really need to be careful because we are getting way to close. We kiss all the time and we sleep really close to each other. I mean we do have to stay near each other but our feelings can get in the way of our freedom and his life. If Mullac finds us because I couldn't control my feelings around Akoba and Akoba ends up getting hurt, well I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Akoba could die because of us having a relationship. I could die because of this possible relationship. I'll just avoid Akoba when we're alone from now on. I'll stop talking so much to him. I'll go on rides. I'll stay away from him. Maybe if there's distance between us then the feelings will go away. I don't want them to but until Mullac is dealt with I can't let Akoba get close. I mean we're still best friends and I love him like a friend but I have more feelings and so does he but I mean I can't let the feelings get any bigger until I know Mullac can't hurt either of us. I should have called the cops but life at home was already messed up with my dad abusing me and then  I thought Mullac would be my hero but instead he was like my dads comrade. And if I called the police Mullac would just have denied it saying my dad was the one responsible and either way I would still have an abusive person near me. The only good thing about my dad was that he beat me yes but unlike Mullac he didn't restrict me about going anywhere. He didn't care who I hung out with or what I did. He didn't care if I starved or got fat. Mullac on the other hand punished me if I wasn't at home when he came over, or if I didn't answer my phone or if I was with a guy or even near a guy I don't even know Mullac would hurt me. Mullac hurt me all the time, and not like how other girls boyfriends hurt them but I mean physical pain. He beat me a lot. He beat me for little things, things I never used to think mattered. At the beginning we were good and I don't know what happened, he got really mean at first and insulted me a lot. Then he started smacking me around and hurting me. I had no clue what to do until Akoba found out that day at the park when Mullac came to pick me up and then seen me hug Akoba goodbye. I didn't know why Mullac kicked me out at first but he clicked, I remembered how he got about other guys. I just never thought of Akoba as a guy, he was always my best friend. Now here we are still running almost 4 months later. We weren't very lucky in La Nixo Diesa. We only got about a week or two if you count travelling time. I don't know how we got so lucky here. There has been no sign of Mullac and we've been here for just about 3 months. The last couple of weeks have been good. Akoba and I got close and got to hang with the horses and TeDo and Alyal let me be a vet on my own starting just last week.

I looked out the window of the kitchen and seen the horses in the barn through the windows then looked back to the bed to see if Akoba was still asleep. I wrote him a note for when he woke up.


I am just out with the horses and will be back later. Its about 9am right now and I don't know how long I'll be. You can probably find me in the barn but I might be on a ride. Oh and we need to talk about us next time we talk.. And about how the locals know you so well. Are you sure you weren't here at Ghona more then once? Oh well, talk to you soon.



P.S I already had breakfast and I left some in the fridge for you. Its a peanut butter sandwich with fruit AND vegetables on the side and don't forget to drink the cup of soy milk beside the plate. Except I just left the peanut butter and bread beside the fridge so the sandwich wouldn't get cold. Don't forget to PUT AWAY your dishes! Okay, Later Aku

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