Hitler.... or nation....

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Germany: So zhis is an American school zhen?

America: Totally bro! It almost time for classes to start!

Arthur: I see... this is a big building for a school.

America: We try to give the kids spa-

*bell rings*

America & every student in the school: I pledge the allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, with Liberty and Justice for all.

America: K what were you saying?

Russia: do you do that everyday?

America: Yup! Everyone is supposed to do it every day just before school starts.

Germany: uhhhh

*flash back to WW2*

*class starts*

German students: Hail Hitler!

America: You okay dude?

Germany: Ja ja, I'm fine...(is America the next Hitler....?)

Germany: (god I hope not....)

America: Come on dude let's keep going!!

England: Umm Alfred why is there an American flag in every single room?

Russia: That students aren't going to forget what country they're in...

America: it's too... keep them loyal n' stuff? I dunno....

Germany: (loyal....? Jesus Christ he is hitler!! Wait a second calm down Ludwig it's just a another culture that's all.... hehe...)

America: *leads them out of the school* So where do y'all wanna go next?

Germany: *sees American flags FUCKING EVERYWHERE*

Russia: Maybe a drink?

America: Naw man Iggy will get wasted.

England: I WILL NOT!!!

America: What do you think Germany?

Germany: ....

America: Uhhh dude? Germany? Bro if you don't respond I'm gonna have to choose for you.

Germany: (I can't even argue anymore... that's fucking Hitler as a nation... ;-;)

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