It's what we need

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If only days were never days and nights were never cold.

Levi Perkins never thought that he'd hate waking up every morning - alone. If his brothers could see him now, they'd probably challenge him for his title. This was no way for the president of the most powerful bikers club to act, but damn, out of all the things he had lost, he never thought that this would be the one that finally broke him.

The light coming inside of his bedroom was too bright, it made him even more aware of how alone he was and his bed, for once it seemed too big. Reaching out to emptiness beside him where Macy used to lay was pure torture. He had really messed up this time.

He dragged out a heavy breath as his eyes clasped shut, replaying all the events that had taken place the day that Macy had found out that he was Viper, the notorious gang leader that she had been striving to unmask for two years and had told him that she never wanted to see him again. He had searched for her for days and had finally found out that she had been hiding out at Carla's, her friend from work.

It hadn't stopped raining, not even when the weather forecast insisted that it would still snow and yet there he had been, soaking wet in front of Carla's doorsteps begging to see Macy.

"I need to speak to her, Carla." He had said leaning against her door.

"It's too soon Levi. She's still hurting and hasn't eaten for days." Carla said before letting out an exaggerated sigh.

She had looked up at him with sympathy in her eyes and added on, " She quit her job at the publishing house,you know. Couldn't stand being the one to denounced you and now, she barely gets out of bed. You should go, I'm barely making progress with her and don't want you to upset her even more."

Carla's words had stung. The thought of Macy hurting like she was made him sick to his stomach.


He had heard as he had turned around to leave. A small gleam of hope had sparked inside of him.

"She wanted me to give this back to you. "

His heart dropped as Carla placed Macy's ring in his palm. The small metallic circle that once bound them together felt like ice in his hand and burned through his skin as reality sank in. Macy had returned his engagement ring. It was really over.

"I'm sorry Levi or is it Viper? Gosh, I don't even know what to call you."

"It's fine, Carla. Can you just tell her that I love her? And I'll try to give her all the space that she wants, I promise." It had pained him to say those few last words but Macy obviously needed time to heal, to survive what they were going through.

The sound of his phone ringing in the background, jerked Viper back to reality. His emerald green eyes flew wide open as he reached out a hand to his nightstand and grabbed his phone.

A small frown appeared on his face. It was too early for his brothers to be calling.

"Scorpio, what is it?" He asked

"You need to come by the clubhouse asap, Prez. We've found Harper."


Blood. Crimson blood was all Levi could see dripping down of Harper's face. He was barely breathing as four of his other brothers rushed to apply pressure to the open wound at his side that was gushing out blood to the wooden floor.

Four months of searching for Harper, only to have him show up half dead on their doorstep was more than Levi could stand for. His fists had remained firmly clenched at his side, impatiently waiting for their club doctor to arrive. He couldn't stand to lose Harper, he was his second in command - he was his brother by blood.

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