Chapter 17

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[Don't let the world stand between us, it is to hard for me too reach you.]



Jimin slipped those words, not on purpose but it was rather a foolish mistake that seemed to have happened. He screamed those words in his mind but they seemed to have been whispered out loud. It were as if the words were tired of waiting for their turn to come and be spoken, they rebelled against Jimin and jumped out of his mouth.

Jimin's eyes widened, realizing what he had said. A fire raged in his stomach and cold sweat dropped down his neck. Jimin started shaking when he saw that Jungkook had frozen in his place.

But what Jimin didn't realize is that the words didn't reach Jungkook's ears, the younger one's mind was fixated somewhere else. He was too concentrated on the sight in front of him rather than the words around him.

"I-I was ju-ust-" Jimin's words were broken when Jungkook pushed him, making him fall hard on the ground. His ankle twisted and he hit the cold floor.

It was a matter only of seconds, like a flash, where Jungkook had pushed him and rushed forward. Jimin had fallen on the road, his hands placed on the cold surface to balance his fall. His ankle shot up a great pain but that didn't matter right now. Jimin's head snapped towards his left to see where Jungkook had rushed.

Jungkook ran forward and grabbed the boy through his wrist. The maknae jerked the stranger from the road and wrapped his arms around his waist. Protecting him completely, they spun away from the road with an upcoming truck.

Both, Jungkook and the boy, breathed heavily onto each other. The stranger's face was buried in the chest of the maknae, smelling the sprayed cologne on his sweater. Jungkook could feel the other one shiver in his touch. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" Jungkook asked when they both had calmed down.

The boy was shaking, uncontrollable tears flowed while shaky breaths were taken. Jungkook separated them, taking a careful look at the boy. The boy seemed to have been around his age, probably a year or two younger than him. "It's's okay..." Jungkook whispered to the boy, "You're safe now, I am here."

Jungkook's mind slipped out the fact that he was with Jimin and only concentrated on protecting the new boy he had met.


"Namjoon, can we try this?" Jin eyed the mouth-watering food, looking up to his friend and hoping to eat the food. Namjoon laughed, "If we're gonna buy that, that would be the 7th plate of food you would be eating in the past one hour."

Jin pouted at the mean comment made by the latter. Namjoon chuckled at the cute expression, placing his index finger on Jin's chin, he said, "Let's get it, baby."

Jin blushed at the closeness, Namjoon was just in front of him and if Jin leaned only a few more centimeters, they would've been kissing. A kiss he really wanted, but he couldn't do it. Namjoon had just apologized for his 'unjust and rude' behavior and now Jin would be the one having 'unjust and rude' behavior.

"Jin, I-" Namjoon sighed, "-I want to ask you something." And Jin nodded at the serious spoken statement, motioning the boy to continue. Namjoon seemed to have been very serious, since his voice went deep and rough and the look in his eyes gave off a sexy vibe. Jin wanted to shiver at the beautiful appearance in front of his blessed eyes.

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