Rain Is Pouring

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Leila had learned a few things about her captor.

He hunted primarily at night.

He slept for most of the day.

He ate kidneys, but also had a love of beef too.

He kept the door unlocked while he was home.

He took medication for some reasoning.

This information alone, was very useful to her... She could maybe plan an escape now. It was just to put it into works, the male who was called Eyeless Jack. Had no eyes from his mask reveal. He could hear though. So trying to get around that might be hard...but if she could somehow get away..then she could get home.

"Okay...let's...get to work then..."


The first part would be the medication...if she could find out what it was..she could maybe tamper with it or something to knock him out. She was a trainee nurse. All she had to do was play innocent.

"...so...you take pills..huh?"

She brought it up casually while he sharpened his scalpel. He never replied.

"Thought surgeons don't take drugs."

Leila tried again. He just stared at her as if irritated and went back to his work.

"....is it for pain or-"

It seemed her pestering had finally came to fruition. The male stopped his work and looked up at her.

"It's for ... It's for my nausea...okay...I made it myself...to stop myself from sleeping....I don't sleep. Too many kills could get away....so I try not to sleep...only when I feel I need it...do I sleep...now...if you're going to be so annoying...I'll take your other kidney and get a new torture pet. So ZIP IT."

After this , Leila never spoke the rest of the night. So ...if she could somehow....get rid of that...then she could escape.. The other thing was, the hunger aspect...he ate kidney...but he also loved beef. If there was a way to maybe get a sedative or something and put it in his food...then she could escape that way.

Those were her two main escape holes. Just...which to pull.

The easiest would probably be to try and drug him...if she disposed of his pills, then he'd see that and would no donut kill her.

For now, she'd have to wait until he left. That was another thing..if he left, she could look for an alternative route. There had to be vents of some sort that let in air.

"Oii.. I'm leaving now, if you behave...I'll bring back something nice...just...stay put."

He stated as he walked to the door. Leila decided to try something....it may not work...but it might win her some brownie points... She flung herself onto his torso . This caught him completely off guard.

"Don't...don't leave...it's so lonely here..."

She said as she buried her head into the side of his leg. There was only one set of keys hanging on him and this proved no use. Leila felt herself be pushed off him and he composed himself.

"I..I er..I'll be back soon...uh..bye"

He said still stammering as he left and stupidly...forgot to lock the door to the cage. Leila saw this as her way out.

"Now... I can get home."

She thought happily to herself as she grinned madly. She waited a few minutes before she made her way to the door, she had gotten up the first flight...when she'd seen...another door. On it was a lock. This deflated her. Of course he'd not be as dumb.

Retreating back down, she sighed. That was when she spotted a small note.

"Look at the wall"

It read...could that have been from a previous victim? Whatever the reason. She obeyed the note and followed the wall until she had seen a vent. It had been battered...this was it. She knew if she did this, she'd seal her fate.

"....I'm going home."

Using her boots, she kicked the vent in and just like that...she was out in the vent shaft..how far she got, she didn't know nor did she care...she just had to crawl. And crawl she would until she got out of this hell.


It had taken some time, but she made her way into the outside and into the mud . It caked her clothes and her nails, she probably looked like shit but as long as she had her freedom. She didn't give any shits. Pushing her body up, she forced her legs to run until she ended up collapsing on a muddy marsh.

There was a figure approaching her. It was too small to be Jack. So who was it?

"You're going to be fine..."

She heard the voice say as she drifted out of her consciousness.


When she was up, she was in a blanket and pajamas...but how..where was she?

"Oh ! Good you're awake now. I'm so glad. You had me scared to death!"

Said the girl with gentle eyes.

"But oh, where are my manners. You must be lost. My name, is Krystal Alcove. And well... Welcome to my slice of hell."


Update , 3 in the one night woooo!!


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