Jealous (ethan)

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this imagine is for @-princessdolan and I hope you like it

Hanna's P.O.V

Ethan is the type that gets jealous easily, he wants anyone and everyone to know that I am his. He barely even lets me talk to some of my guys friends with out wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck to let them know that am taken. But for once I just want to spend sometime with some of my guy friends. Well my best guy friend, his name is Brian. He has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes that shine bright like the ocean reflecting the suns rays. He is a sweet and caring guy that I've known for years. He is one of the boys everyone is chasing in school, well other than Ethan and Grayson but other than that he's pretty damn hot, but that's besides the point. I was sitting in my room re-watching Stranger Things for the billionth time already when I got a text from Brian

Hanna-"Hey Brian what's up."
Brian-"Nm, I wanted to know if you wanted to go to lunch than go Go Karting at the Country Fair."
Hanna-"Yeah sure, that's sounds like fun."
Brian-"Alright, i'll be by your place in 10 minutes."
Hanna-"Ok see you later."

he left it on read and I started to get ready since I was wearing Pajamas under the covers of my bed eating the leftover pizza from the night before. I got up out of bed and threw on lightwash ripped jeans, white push up bra like crop top, a red flannel, white sk8-hi vans and I wore my hair in dutch braids to get my hair out of my face, I gotta call from Ethan telling me that he wanted to hang out to me but I was going to hang out with Brian so I was gonna have to lie to Ethan.
I texted him saying

Hanna-"I have to shopping for clothes with my mom."
Ethan-"That's fine I'll just meet you guys there."
Hanna-"No Eth, We're gonna be gone for a while and I don't want to drag you along."
Ethan-"You sure you don't want me to come."
Hanna-"Yeah Eth, I just don't want you to get bored."
Ethan-"Okay babe, i'll see you later I love you."
Hanna-"Love you too Eth." I said giggling a little bit, I just get butterflies in my stomach when he calls me babe. right when I hung up I heard the door bell rang, I ran down my stairs and opened the door.
Brian-"Hey Hanna, you ready?"
Hanna-"Yeah, lets go."

we walked to his car and got lunch at McDonalds cause everybody loves fucking McDonalds, Than we went Go Karting and Brian was a sore fucking loser about it, we had to race like 10 times before he gave up because I was beating him every time. At the Fair there was a lot of things to do, there was Batting Cages, Arcade Games, Lazer Tag, Mini Golf and other shit we didn't get to do. At the end Brian won me this huge teddy bear. The day was pretty fucking fun but I had to go home since I knew Ethan would come by later. he drooped me off and walked to my door

Hanna-"I had a lot of fun today."
Brian-"Yea same."
Hanna-"Especially when you wanted like 9 rematches cause I kept beating you at the Go Kart races."
Brian-"I would've won, you kept bumping me onto the side."
Hanna-"Yeah yeah."
Brain-"Well, I should get going."
Hanna-"Yeah you should, Eth is coming by in a few minutes."
Ethan-"Or now." I look and see Ethan standing there, looking at Brian with a dirty look
Brian-"I'm gonna go now." Brian is scared of Ethan and I swear I have never seen this boy run so fast in his life.
Ethan-"So how was the mall." he said with a sarcastic tone.
Hanna-"Uggggg," I walked inside and he followed
Ethan-"Why were you hanging out with Brian."
Hanna-Because I wanted to."
Ethan-"You know I don't like you hanging out with other guys."
Hanna-"Your so overprotective."
Ethan-"I just don't want you fucking other guys."
Hanna-"Are you getting jealous??"
Ethan-"What.. NO!! I'm not getting jealous." a smirk started to grow on my face
Hanna-"Ethan Grant Dolan is jealous of Brian."
Ethan-"I'm not."
Hanna-"Yes you are"

With out warning he smashed his lips into my, cupping my face and kissing me roughly. I wrapped my arms around his neck brining him closer to me. he started kissing along my jawline and down to my neck trying to find my sweet spot. once he found it a let out a small moan, I felt him smirk against my skin. He made bit down at the skin causes hickeys to form. He released my skin from his teeth

Of course i did what he said. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me up the stairs. He places me on the bed without breaking the kiss, his hands instantly went to the waist line of my jeans. He took off my jeans leaving me in my black lace thong. I pulled off my crop top and flannel and got on top of his lap. Wrapping me legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I made my way down to his jawline. Gently kissing it and slowly went to his ear and started nibbling on his lobe and kissing behind his ear. He let out a small groan. I smirked and started circling my hips around his dick slowly. His head went back in pleasure.
Ethan-"No teasing."

I didn't listen I kept circling my hips around his dick making sure I was going real slow. He had enough and flipped me over.

Ethan-"I'm in charge now"

He started kissing me fast and roughly but with passion. He went back down to my neck than to my collar bone sucking gently in my skin. It felt heavenly. He left wet kissed in between my breasts than down to my stomach. Finally down to the hen of my thing which he pulled down with his teeth which caused me to get instantly wet. He back to my pussy and without warning put 2 fingers in slowly. I moaned in pleasure

Hanna-"Ethan faster."

He didn't listen. He just went slower.

Ethan-"beg for it."
Hanna-"please Ethan. Please go faster ."
Ethan-"whatever you say princess."

He went faster also adding a 3rd than a 4th finger. I was about to cum when he pulled out

Hanna-"Ethan what the fuck I was about to cu-"

He cut me off by sticking his tounge inside me. I let a moan and I felt him smirk. I started nibbling at the clit than added to fingers inside me helping me reach nirvana. He'd locked his tounge faster and faster and pushed his fingers deeper and deeper inside of me

Hanna-"Ethan I'm about to cum. "
Ethan-"hold it in baby."

I couldn't and I came in his face but he wasn't done. He was liking my cunt clean. I was far too sensitive far this. I let out a loud moan but he didn't care. I felt another orgasam coming in my stomach and I came in his face without realizing that I have just squirted.

Ethan-"Down in your knees now."

I did what he said. He pulled his pants down to his ankles than pulled down his boxers. Revealing his chode. Lol no. He was FUCKING big. I kissed his tip gently than tried to fit all of him in my mouth. He placed both of his hands on the back of my head pushing it forward so I could fit all of him in. I started deep throating him and his head fell back in pleasure. Within a few minutes of this he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. I took my mouth off of his huge dick and long stands of saliva came along with it. He helped back up and placed me on the bed laying on my back. He reached for a condom in his pants pocket and put it on his dick. Without warning he rammed into my. I let out a scream because he was so big. He didn't care and kept going fast. I adjusted quickly and the pain turned into pleasure.

Hanna-"Ethan right there."
Ethan-"You like that baby girl"
Hanna-"FUCK. Go faster ."
Ethan-"Whatever you say princess"

He went faster with each thrust going deeper and deeper within my body. I started clawing my nails into my skin leaving marks. Some may even be bleeding. His thrusts started getting messier which meant he was about to cum. Within ten minutes he came inside he's condom and I came in his ten inch. He pulled out and flopped next to me both of us trying to catch our breaths.

Hanna-"That was amazing."
Ethan-"Did daddy a good job?"
Hanna-"yes you did."
Ethan-"I'm sorry I got jealous earlier. I'm just scared that I'm gonna lose you and I love you so much and you mean the world to me."
Hanna-"I love you too Ethan. And I don't want to lose you either. And you never need to worry about losing me. I love you and only you. "
Ethan-"I live you so much Hanna"
Hanna-"I love you too Ethan." I said kissing his sweaty forehead. I snuggled up next to him and we drifted off to sleep.



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