chapter 12

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So you think that you like Lucus and zay yess maya ok but ur kinda dating farkle yea I know I'm going to break up with him I told him how I felt am I doing the right thing letting farkle go yes he has a bitchy girlfriend so why don't you just date one of them that sounds great see (next day) hey riles hey Lucus hey sugar hey zay what's good riley bear hi farkle so Lucus and zay let's go to class riley are u and farkle ok with each other were taking a break because he has a girlfriend already so zay what you doing tonight nothing would u like to go on a date riley yess zay yess I'm so glad ( farkle is angry and starts hitting zay) what the fuck farkle back off of him (zay and farkle are fighting ) see riley I told u this wouldn't be a good idea so he has a girlfriend I know that maya u been acking like a bitch lately that because u are a bitch Riley can u understand that  why smackle fault u I jump in to help u everyone planed this fight and it turns out u end up winning what the fuck maya u didn't have the nerve to tell me yess because I care about you so much that I didn't want to you to get hurt thanks maya now how are we going to figure this out when zay and farkle fighting
I don't know but don't help I know I hope none of them get hurt I care about them so much like there my brothers I know riles the principal came to the class and saw farkle and zay fight cut the fight stop now go to my office now fine (in the office) why are you boys fighting Isaiah you can talk first well to be honest  I don't know why farkle just start hitting Me is that true Mr minkus yes tell me ur story farkle fine he was talking to my girlfriend wait I thought smackle got expelled from school yes principal she did I'm talking about riley oh her she's not ur girlfriend yall are taking a break from each other she wants to go out with me no she doesn't yes she does no yes enough yall are suspended for 2 days yall will be cleaning the school for the rest of the day yes sir

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