Hey guys, this is the short romance story I had been working on. I have just finished it recently and thought it would be a good valentine's day gift to you guys :)

It is inspired by Taylor Swift's song - Last Kiss! one of my most favorite song! I really hope you guys like it!

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“Ashley, there is another truckload of your stuff in the attic!!” My mother said, poking her head into my room; she frowned at me as she took in the messy state of my room and gave me a stern look before walking off making disapproving noises. I rolled my eyes and sighed. My mother! Always the drama queen. Throwing the pile of photo frames I was sorting through into the cardboard box in front of me I tried to make my way out of my room and promptly smashed into a few boxes. Huffing I kicked a few boxes out of my way before I managed to escape the obstacle course that had consumed my room.

Running a hand through my hair, I looked back at the pile of boxes lying around and sighed in defeat. I didn't know how I got so much stuff left in here still; I thought I had moved everything out during college. My vision started to blur as my mind drift off to the days of my high school life… the time when I was still a carefree, happy-go-lucky person…

“Ashley! Go up to the attic now!” my mother’s voice dragged me out of my reverie. Sighing I muttered a response and headed towards the attic; I was supposed to move into my new apartment all the way in New York tomorrow so my mum wanted me to clear all my stuff in the house before I go. But I was starting to doubt that I would ever finish packing.

New York. A new life, a chance to start over 4,490.4 km from him.

I took a deep breath and shook myself. I promised myself not to think about him anymore. I need to forget him and move on.

Not that it's easy to forget him with his face plaster in billboards and TV everywhere. But I have to try.

“Go and clear out your stuff!” My mother screamed for the third time, she knew me too well. I couldn't resist the urge to roll my eyes again.

“I am getting there.” I shouted back at my mum before climbing up the creaky staircase up to the attic.

Opening the door I was literally choked by the amount of dust inside the attic. It felt like no one had been in there for years. Mum probably just wanted to use me moving as an excuse to get me up here and tidy the place. I tried to fan off the dust circulating around and headed towards the pile of stuff in the corner. There weren't as many of them as my mum made out; about ten of them of various sizes scattered around labeled with my name. I sighed and sat down on the floor in front of them, rolling up my sleeves. Better keep my mother happy.

I ripped open the nearest box and peered inside it. I squint at the content of the box as my eyes adjusted to the dark.

As I got a better look of the content inside the box, I felt a lump developed in my throat. I forgot that I put them here.

Pulling out the once-familiar hoodie inside the box, running my hands through the red-white fabric with the letter L.H. engraved on it. His initials. I hugged it close to me and sniffed it, surprised but quite happy to smell that familiar scent of him.

Despite the hesitation of thinking about him, something in the back of my mind compelled me and I reached my hand out into the box again.

The next thing that came up was a photo of me and him in the Summer Carnival, his arms around my waist and I was hugging a giant teddy bear, smiling happily into the camera. I couldn't remember the last time I was this happy. This brought a smile on my face, albeit a sad one.

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