twenty-six | he's weak

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Almost seconds after they leace, a Grounder comes in, and notices Clarke is gone. He shouts something I don't understand and then runs out, panicked.

Murphy and I just wait in silence for repercussions, and minutes later, they come. I see the shadow of a figure above us. Anya.

She leaps down again but the second she's on the ground, she pins me against the wall with a knife to my throat.

"Clarke escaped," she says. "How?"

"I don't know," I reply.

"Liar," she says, pushing the flat end of the blade further into my skin. She isn't going to hurt me. She needs me alive. "There was no fire. And if there was, your people got rid of it before we all arrived, to create a distraction. And now Clarke's gone."

"I wasn't involved." My words are choked from the pressure of the knife.

She releases it from my neck with a crooked smile. "Well, we'll just question you now." She yells something to the Grounders who had followed her down, and they grab Murphy.

"He doesn't care if I get hurt," Murphy says, almost bored.

I don't argue.

"He cares if anyone gets hurt," Anya says. "He's weak."

She nods her head at the Grounders behind her and they start to cut it to Murphy's arm. I flinch and try to meet Murphy's eyes, but they are squeezed shut in pain, as he tries not to make a sound.

"Wait," I say. The Grounders stop and Anya looks at me expectantly. "What do you want to know?" I ask quietly. I can't let them kill Murphy, no matter how much I hate him. Clarke wouldn't have let them.

"Your people in the sky. Are they coming down?" she asks me.

"I don't know," I tell her.

She glares at me. "Do they want to come down?"

"Some do, some don't," I say, shrugging. I have to stall. Clarke has a plan to get us, I'm sure of it.

"Don't play with me, boy," she snarls.

"I cleaned things when I lived in the sky," I tell her. "I don't know anything."

"You're a leader down here," Anya says. "Clarke, too."

"We want peace," I say desperately. "We never meant to attack you. End this war."

"This war has barely begun," she says dismissively. "Our Commander seeks peace, too, but won't hesitate to annihilate all of Skaikru should you attack again."

"We won't," I promise. "Now let us go."

"We need to keep you here," Anya says.

"For how long?"

"It depends on if the Commander is going to negotiate peace or not. Get comfortable," she says. She says something in her language and a rope is tossed down to get her.

"So long, Sky Boy," Anya says, almost smirking as she ascends out of the pit.

It's been so long! I am so sorry. I sort of lost inspiration for this part of the story, and eventually, I forgot about publishing chapters as school got busier. School is still super busy for me, but I had time to finish this chapter and I hope to finish the whole thing before the holidays. It's probably only going to go to 30 chapters, but I will try to make them the best they can be and get them out there so you can read them! Thanks if you're still reading this story, sorry I took such a long break. Please vote and/or comment if you liked this chapter!

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