Chapter Two

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The jacket around my torso was tight and irritating. The cuff on my ankle was chaffing my skin and leaving a large round ring in its place. I sat on the uncomfortable bed staring at the ugly grey wall. I was counting the cracks in the wall when the door opened to the room. A huge orderly came in followed by a petite female. "Can you please remove his jacket and cuff?" The orderly looked at her skeptically, but complied too the request. I felt relief wash over me as the restraints were removed. I was given a white shirt, which I slipped on over my head. I stretched as I sat criss- crossed on the bed staring at the woman. "Hello Namjoon. My name is Dr. Alice Trinket." I rose my eyebrows, "Like the name of the building?" She looked at me in surprise not believing that I just spoke perfect English. "Well yes. My great-grandfather opened this building." I nodded my head, "So are you my doc, Doc?" She nodded her head, "Yes. I'm actually here to take you to your room." I nodded my head. Alice nodded her head to the guard and he came over and grasped my arm rather painfully. He lifted me up off the bed and dragged me out of the room. The hallway was grey and the lights were dim. We walked for a long time down the hall. The lights started to brighten and the walls turned from grey to white. We arrived outside of a metal door. The tag on the door read, '1015.' The orderly took out a ring of keys and shoved one of them into the lock. He opened the door and shoved me inside. Before closing the door. I heard Alice say, "I will see you tomorrow." The door slammed closed and the bolt locked back into place. I sighed and looked around my surroundings. Two figures were staring at me from the middle of the room.

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