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  • Dedicated kay Truepang Baliw

Dedicated to all of my true friends. Thanks for everything!

"I know I've found the right place for me." 

I first thought that entering this university was wrong because I know that I won't ever feel that I belong because I am very different. I thought I would be the nerd or the loner without any friends, I thought I would feel so alone. I thought that I won't ever find friends that would accept me for who I am. 

But I thought wrong. 

I've found them. 

The people, I can be myself around.

The people, I can share all my problems.

The people who can see my imperfections but won't judge.

The people who can love me for who I am.

The people I can trust.

The friends, I can always lean on.

The friends, who won't ever leave my side even if I've done something terrible.

They were the first people who saw me cry that much.

I felt so alone that time but they all reached out for me and that's when I found out that I am not alone. I will never be alone because I've found my true friends. 

True friends. How could I describe this one?

First, we connect

Second, we laugh over simple things

Third, we laugh in our misfortunes.

Fourth, we're crazy

Fifth, we agree with everything. 

Sixth, whenever there's a conflict we always fix it and just laugh at it.

Seventh, we accept each other's imperfections.

Eighth, we never judge.

Ninth, we're just simple friends.

Tenth, we love each other.

That's the ten things I can describe how true we are. I love them so much.

If my best friend is like a cotton candy,

they are like  my shoes, because I won't ever leave the house forgetting to wear one. That's them, I won't ever forget them and shoes can take you everywhere I know that when I'm with them I can go anywhere. 

Friends come and go but true friends won't because they will always be in our hearts even if we're far apart. 

I am so proud to have met them in this life, I am so proud that I can really call them my true friends, my Truepang Baliw. I love them so much because they taught me things in this life. 

I won't ever forget them and I hope they will never forget me even if I'm gone. I hope that I had put a great mark in their hearts. 

I have really found somewhere I belong and that is where they are. I will always remember that I made the right decision studying in this university because if not would I found my true friends

That's why I will always believe in two things,

Destiny will always lead you to the right place. It might take a detour but in the end it will lead you to the place where your heart truly belongs.

Everything happen for a reason. The reason might be invisible but it is there, we just can't see it but it is there. It won't happen without a reason there must be a great reason behind everything. 

I know that we do have some differences and sometimes we are really annoyed at each other but I know that we can always find our way and still love each other. 

I will cherish the time I still have with them so I won't ever feel that I did something in the past that I regret most because meeting them is one of the best thing I ever experienced in my life. 

I might be leaving them soon but I will always put them in my hearts.

That's why everyone of us need to cherish our friends, love them, if you argue then make up, fix things while we still can  because time won't wait for us, time waits for no one, we wait for time to come, so if you do not want to regret things, fix and love each other. 

Friendship is as fragile as a glass it can be mended but it will always leave cracks. So take care of it, once it breaks into pieces there's no way of putting it back together.

Love your friends as you love your family, because they are your second family, 

the family we're you can always tell things. 


This is nothing! I am just inspired today! So inspired that I finished everything I needed so I'm just writing some thoughts. 


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