Time Alone

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Chapter 13
(2 months later)
Finns pov:
I was in bed reading when Rachel said,

"Hey sexy." She said.

I looked up to see Rachel in black lingerie . I smiled and said,

"Damn, my wife is hot."

She smiled and jumped on top of me as I threw the book and we began to kiss.

"Wait are the kids in bed?" I asked her.

"Yes and the door is locked so no one can come in and we don't have to get out." She said smirking.

"I like your thinking." I said and I took my shirt off.

Suddenly Rachel yawned and I looked at her,

"You tired too?" I asked her.

"Yeah , Toby did not take a nap all day." She said.

"You know we don't have to do this tonight." I said.

"No, this is our night, I put on the hot ass lingerie and I was going give a you and suprises and it was going to romantic and sexy . I just want everything to be tired." She said.

"I know but I rather us be up and having sex than half way asleep." I said.

"So no sex?" She said.

"Yeah not tonight but hey we can get a bath together." I said.

"Okay I'll take that." She said and she pulled me into the bathroom.

(10 minutes later )
We sat in the bathtub , Rachel in front of me and me sitting behind her. She yawned and I kissed her forehead as we relaxed.

"You know if you want you can give me that present." I said smirking.

She looked at me and said,

"Really, in here do you even have a....oh yes you do." She said feeling it.

"What do you say? You do me , I'll do you?" I said.

"What if the kids come looking for us?" She asked me.

"They're asleep." I said.

"Okay." She said.

She went under the water and began to give me a blow job. I moaned holding her head to my body when suddenly Finny opened the door..

"Daddy , I had a bad dream." He said.

"Oh jeez , buddy go wait in the bed I'll be there in a sec." I said hold Rachels head down  as she held her breath.

"Okay, wheres mama?" He asked me.

"Oh ugh, downstairs." I said lying.

"Okay." He said and left.

I let go and Rachel shot up taking a breath.

"Sorry babe." I said and she hit me.

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