Chapter One

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The only sound in the hall is the sound of my shoes clacking on the white tiles. I held my clipboard close to my chest as I came upon the door with a plaque that read, 'DIRECTOR.' I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Enter." I pushed open the heavy door and walked into the spacious office. "Good afternoon sir." The Director looked up from the papers on his desk and gave me a soft smile. "Good afternoon Alice. I'm glad you got my message," he indicated his hand for me to sit down, "please have a seat." I took a seat in the rough leather chair in front of his desk. "We recently got a new patient that I want you to take a look at." He handed me a large file. I read the name on the tab, "Kim Namjoon." I opened the folder and skimmed over the content until something caught my eye. 'Patient Namjoon originally sentenced to life in prison but claimed insanity. A high functioning sociopath who convinced a group of college students to go on a killing spree at their university and then commit suicide afterwards..." I looked up at the Director sharply, "A sociopath? I'm not really qualified to deal with criminals who plead insanity." The Director looked at me and nodded his head. "I know this but you are the best one for this case. Mainly because of your age." I sat in the chair defeated. "I know this is too much, but I believe you can rehabilitate him." I nodded my head, "I'll try." He smiled and clasped his hands together. "I know you will do good work." I gave him a forced smile before standing up and leaving his office. I leaned against the door and let out a small sigh. I shook my head before heading off to the isolation wing to see Namjoon for myself.

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